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Baratza Encore, Virtuoso & Preciso Ring Burr and Holder


Due to our distributor agreements, we are unable to ship Baratza products outside of Canada. ANY orders shipping anywhere outside of Canada will be cancelled or held until those products have been removed from the order. We will not ship any Baratza item outside of Canada.

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  • Ring Burr and Burr Holder for Preciso, Virtuoso and Encore. This ring burr is only good for the Virtuoso 586 with the Preciso burr. If you have an older model  Virtuoso 585, you need to upgrade your grinder using the GB 2.0 Upgrade Kit. Alternatively, if the white plastic collar on your ring burr is damaged, the part can be ordered separately here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Emily Berg-Johnson

I lost this piece from my Baratza Encore in my recent move and was devastated. I was very glad I was able to buy a replacement from the same site I originally bought the grinder from. It fit perfectly and is working great!


Very easy transaction, and great service

Saved my machine!

The plastic surround somehow broke on our office machine and we were getting really uneven coffee. A quick explore, an order to eight ounce, and now our machine works like brand new with this part. I love that we didn’t need to buy a new machine. Saving the waste by helpful replaceable parts!

Kevin Durbin
Fit my Burr Grinder, but didn't fix the poor grind quality

My Baratza Encore burr grinder suddenly started grinding poorly; instead of the very fine grind, I was getting chunks, literally from the beans. I even adjusted it to the finest grind and it was still way too course. I figured I would try to replace the ring burr and holder. The part fit, but didn't make a difference in the grind quality. I even disassembled the burr grinder, as much as I could, but there didn't seem to be any additional parts I could replace. My Baratza Encore lasted almost 4 years and I never had any issues until just recently with the grind, but also, every time I ran a batch/bag of beans through it, I would clean/clear it out to prevent the coffee dust buildup I've seen in the past.

Grinder is like new

Great quick service. The video I watched said this part was often the reason it took so long to grind beans. After I put the new oneinit grinds like new!

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