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Baratza Plastic PortaHolder


Due to our distributor agreements, we are unable to ship Baratza products outside of Canada. ANY orders shipping anywhere outside of Canada will be cancelled or held until those products have been removed from the order. We will not ship any Baratza item outside of Canada.

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  • So you have a great Baratza grinder (obviously purchased from your favourite online coffee stuff store, Eight Ounce Coffee) and you decide that you want to start making espresso at home.

    Whilst you may be able to aim the coffee from the grind chute into the portafilter, you're probably going to end up missing quite a lot, as you always have to hold it in the exact position.

    Worse than that, after the first few espressos kick in, you're going to be getting a bit jittery and may not have the steadiest of hands.

    This is where this great little add-on comes in.

    It slots nicely into the grinder in place of the grind container and provides you with a portafilter rest/holder that, even after you've consumed enough 'spro to take down a moose, will keep the portafilter in position.

    On top of this, it'll make you feel a bit more like a pro, which feels good.

    • Baratza Plastic PortaHolder fits Encore, Virtuoso, Preciso, Maestro, Maestro Plus and Starbucks Grinder.

  • Method Coming Soon

baratza portafilter holder

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Poor design

I was very excited to try this product but unfortunately the design is flawed. Far too much of the coffee misses the portafilter. I even tried to modify it by adding cardboard pieces to funnel the coffee but it still didn't fix the design flaws. Eight ounce is awesome and accepted my return but I wouldn't recommend this particular product to anyone. If it's relevant, I was using it in a virtuoso.

Denis Marion
Good Product & Fast Delivery

I was amazed on how quickly I received my order. Definitely would buy from them again

Mandi Gaudet

I was almost about to buy this product from the maker off their American website when I thought hey I should check if it’s in Calgary. And lo and behold here it is. Fantastic replacement part. Very fast delivery. Will use this company again.

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