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Espro Toroid Pitcher

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  • Steaming perfect milk is fun and rewarding but to get good takes patience, and a lot of cow juice.

    If you're a barista, then this may be fine. But if you are a home drinker, you might want to cut out the effort and get straight to the delicious textured milky goodness. This can be especially difficult with a small amount of milk.

    It's fortunate then that our lovely friends at Espro are way ahead of you, and operating at the cutting edge of milk steaming-assistance technology with the Toroid 2. Don't be alarmed, this is not a Dr. Who baddie, but a milk pitcher specifically designed to take all the work out of creating beautifully textured milk perfect for your drink of choice.

    It works because of the specific shape of the pitcher: the air flow is directed in exactly the right path to texturize the milk. All you need to do is aim the steam wand into the centre of the milk and turn it on. Integrate the amount of air desired, and then sink the wand a little deeper into the milk: the pitcher does the rest!

    This is the improved version (second generation), which has larger handles, and graduated markings so you can measure your milk and waste less.

    One other important thing to mention is the build quality of this pitcher. It is the best quality pitcher we have come across. It's made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel and the handle is ergonomic and solid.

    • Ergonomic handle ensures balance and control
    • Perfect spout for pouring latte art
    • Three sizes: 12 oz, 20 oz or 25oz total volume
    • 18/8 stainless steel
    • Works with one hole and multi-hole steam tips
    • 1 year limited factory replacement warranty
    • Patent pending
    • Fill with 3–5 oz (85-150 ml) of chilled milk
    • Steam milk so that the milk-flow forms the toroid shape - with the steam wand in the centre of the pitcher, milk should flow up evenly on all sides
    • Different positions of the steam wand allow predictable variations in the texture of your microfoam
    • Continue steaming until the milk reaches your preferred final temperature, usually 130-150°F (55-65°C)
    • Tap the pitcher on the counter, and then swirl the microfoam to make it even more smooth and consistent
    • Pour and serve

steam steaming

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ted A.
Nice little pitcher

I picked this up recently to replace an old generic pitcher I had that the handle was falling off of. I chose it primarily because it looked like the handle was attached more securely, which it is, but I was pleasantly surprised at its frothing performance, the little "bell" shape in the bottom really improved my ability to get fast, consistent milk foam. I am definitely not an artist, but I love this little pitcher and find myself making milk drinks more frequently just because it's fun to use.

Betty C.
A must have pitcher!

Took me a while to swirl but now works great!

Meaghan C.
Love it

I bought the small size, I love it so much, the milk swirls and my latte art has improved immensely!!

Rod O.
Love this pitcher

Who would've thought I'd have a collection of 3 pitchers, but this is my favourite now by far. It took a bit to get the swirling down, but my favourite part is when I pour, it's very controllable and has upped my latte game

Dean L.
Perfect Little Pitcher

I'm new to the latte art game so I wanted to make things as easy as possible and this toroid pitcher has helped me out a lot. Very easy to get the correct consistency of froth.

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