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BARISTAPRO Nanotech Precision 18g Double Portafilter Basket

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    Get better espresso extractions with the BaristaPro Precision 58mm double portafilter basket. Precisely cut baskets with 661 evenly spaced 0.30mm diameter holes that create homogenous flow through the basket, making it easier for you to pull delicious espresso shots.

    This 18g basket has a 24mm height to accommodate portafilters with slightly shallower depth or if you like to pull shots a little more like a traditional Italian double espresso. Finished with a nano-quartz coating that eliminates any flavour being imparted by the metal and ensures that the basket will not discolour over time.

    Fits most standard commercial style espresso machine portafilters.

    • Ridgeless
    • Capacity: 18g
    • Outer Diameter: 70mm
    • Height: 24mm
    • Food Safe Certified Nanoquartz Coated AISI 304 Stainless Steel
    • Fits 58mm portafilters
    • Made in Italy
  • Use in your compatible portafilter to get better espresso extractions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Good for regular portafilter

this easy to clean due to the nano coating, but for some reason, it will squirt everywhere no matter how much i distribute the grind, it always makes a mess, so now i use this basket for the non bottomless portafilter


Solid upgrade to my espresso workflow. The nanotech take a bit of getting used to with the flow looking different to a non nanotech basket

Great, inexpensive, instant upgrade to the Dual Boiler

I echo all the other comments that came before mine.

My double shot single walled basket that came stock with my Breville Dual Boiler was too small for 18g in, and a little on the non-slippery side for puck ease of exit. The Nanotech addresses both issues, with absolute steeze (style + ease 😝).

Nick suggested a basket upgrade the same day I bought my BDB from him. As always, Nick was bang on. What a legend🤘👊👍

On a positive note, my tamper works fine. No need to upgrade to an 18.5 from the stock 18 BDB tamper, at least not for this reason (although I do have my eye on that new DUOMO, for obvious other reasons 😬…).

Thanks Eight Ounce. You guys are life changers.


Amazing basket, 10/10

Allan P.
Puck sticks to group head

Terrible results with this basket. Everytime I have used it the puck stays stuck to the water screen on the group Head and then I have a mess to clean. Went all the way down to 15g in an 18g basket, no change. Very disappointed.

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