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LF Bottomless Portafilter (Expobar)

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    Switch to a bottomless portafilter and get better visibility into every espresso shot extraction. Without the bottom of the portafilter in the way, you can see where any channels are coming from and work on improving your espresso shots. You can also increase your dose by getting a deeper basket that wouldn't fit in the standard portafilter. And that open bottom is so much easier to keep sparkling clean!

    • Bottomless portafilter with 6.5mm wings
    • Compatible with Expobar Diamant, EB61, G10, Markus, Markus Silver, Megacrem, Monroc, New Elegance, and Office espresso machines
  • Use with your compatible espresso machine to brew bottomless.

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Customer Reviews

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Marcus S.
It fits (barely) but its awfully tight

Having long wanted a bottomless portafilter for my Expobar Brewtus, this one caught my eye, specifically because it says it's for Expobar. However, it is extremely tight and I can barely lock it in to the brew head, let alone move it to the "6-o'clock" position. I even purchased two new additional silicon portafilter gaskets (elsewhere on the site here), including the thinner 8mm version with little success. It is gratifying to watch the shot form from beneath and to assess if you have variables correct but it is frustrating to use. When the shots are good, they're really good but...Probably should've returned it.

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