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HARIO Smart G Kettle

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    The HARIO Smart G Kettle allows for exceptional control over flow rate. Featuring a thermometer-compatible lid and handle, a practical capacity of 1L (34oz) and smart, clean looks, the Smart G is suitable for electric, gas, halogen, induction, and other heat sources.

    The silicone-covered handle of the Smart G may be held in two ways; with your thumb on the top of the handle, or wrapped around it. Also, it's redesigned spout makes for easy pouring.

    • SIZE: W275 × D137 × H155mm ⌀77mm
    • CAPACITY: Practical capacity 1000mL
    • WEIGHT (incl. individual box): approx. 700g
      • Body, Lid: Stainless Steel
      • Knob of lid: Polypropylene, Silicone rubber
      • Handle cover: Silicone rubber
    • Made in China
  • HARIO Smart G Kettle - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Sebastian K.
Beautiful and highly functional!!

At first glance, it’s just another pretty gooseneck that looks nice on your countertop, but you immediately start to appreciate the amazing finish and controllability during your first pour-over! Well worth the premium price! Temp probe hole on the cap is also a nice touch

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