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KEEPCUP Replacement Press Fit Lid

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    A replacement lid for your KeepCup! Just what you've been wanting ever since you lost it at the beach.

    KeepCup Replacement Plug sold separately.

    • KeepCup Lid for glass KeepCups
    • Press Fit Lid Compatible with 8, 12 and 16oz Brew, Brew Cork and LongPlay KeepCups
    • BPS and BPA Free
    • Thermal Resistant
  • Just fill your KeepCup with your favourite drink and then pop this replacement lid on to keep it from splashing everywhere. Don't forget the plug though!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tim W.
Should Come With Plugs/Stoppers

A previous lid didn’t fit properly. The new lids are great. But unfortunately I didn’t notice that the stoppers weren’t included.

Colin C.

No use to me until plug is available

Rob M.
Colourful Pop

So happy to use my Keep Cup Cork as a travel mug again. The old style lids weren’t the dual plastic that is used now and it turned into dribble cup over time. Took a while for Eight Ounce to sell replacement lids and plugs but glad they did!

Lei D.
good product - unreasonable shipping

This is a good product and I appreciate that KeepCup sells replacement components to extend the life of their cups. However, my issue is with the shipping cost. This was a $5 item that costs $10 to ship, which I think is unreasonable. For smaller purchases I hope Eight Ounce would provide more economical shipping options.

The best eco-friendly cups

I love my KeepCups and how easy they are to repair and maintain! I've had a couple for years, and I just replace single parts when needed.

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