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SAINT ANTHONY INDUSTRIES F70 Ceramic Flatbottom Pourover Brewer

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    The F70 is a carefully crafted ceramic brewer and pairs with F70 filters. It is a forgiving and easy way to make a pourover that produces a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee. Though it may not allow for the brew variability of a cone shaped dripper, it is very user-friendly and produces a consistent, familiar cup. Sometimes simple is better.

    • Flat Bottom Coffee Dripper
    • Porcelain Ceramic
    • Designed in USA
    • Made in Hasami, Japan
    • Width: 104mm (4.1in)
    • Height: 80mm (3.1in)
    • Diameter: 73mm (2.87in)
    • Bottom Ring (min diameter of server/mug): 60mm (2.36in)
    1. Place a filter in the dripper
    2. Pre-wet the filter and discard the water
    3. Add your freshly ground coffee and start brewing

    Brew with the time-tested quality and consistency of a flat-bottomed dripper - but with the beauty and quality of Hasami porcelain.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin F.
SAINT ANTHONY INDUSTRIES F70 Ceramic Flatbottom Pourover Brewer

Excellent flat bottom brewer. Fast, easy to use and no stalling.

Another to add to the collection

I love coming across different pour over brewers. This one gives something a bit different from the rest. So happy I was able to find it here. It's a great dripper for any enthusiast.

Good with Kalita wave 185 filters

I live the quality of the cups I get from this brewer. Very sturdy. It takes Kalita wave filters. I find this a great buy for someone interested in a flat bottom brewer.

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