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REPA Silicone Group Gasket for Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino

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    Need a replacement head gasket for your Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli, or Victoria Arduino espresso machine? This silicone group gasket is aroma-free and easy to install. The soft consistency makes installation easier and creates a better seal without the need to tighten the portafilter as much!

    • Blue heat resistant conical silicone gasket
    • Forms tight seal without tightening the portafilter as much as a standard gasket
    • Designed to fit Cimbali but is also compatible with newer Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino espresso machine group heads
    • 71mm x 56mm x 9mm
  • Use the portafilter with the basket removed to install the gasket to avoid breakage. Petroleum based grease can degrade silicone. If you are taking apart the group head for service, use a silicone lubricant, ideally a food safe white grease.

    Please note that although the gaskets are strong under compression, you should never use a sharp tool like a screwdriver to install them. This may tear the silicone.

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Customer Reviews

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seals but varies shot

La Cimbali M21. Gasket too soft left no space between grind and filter and compressed the grind in the basket. Imprinted full depth of a quarter in the grind with 2 shims under the gasket. Difficult to get a good shot when it varies by the group lever position. Went back to the original gasket.

Abbas M.
Easier to lock in the portafilter

it makes it much easier to lock in the portafilter

Abbas M.
Fixed my issue

it doesn't leak anymore, so great product

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