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STTOKE Ceramic Reusable Cup (16oz/480ml)

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    The 2018 Good Design Award Gold Winner, STTOKE, is the vacuum insulated reusable cup that drinks like your favourite ceramic cup. STTOKE has a durable ceramic interior inside of a stainless steel outer layer so you don't have to compromise on taste to get the extra durability and heat retention. A secure lid closure keeps your drink inside the cup when you're not drinking. And did we mention it's designed to fit perfectly in your hand?

    • Greblon® Ceramic engineered to be durable, and easy to clean
    • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated and Seamless Construction
    • Estimated heat retention time: 3 hours hot, 6 hours cold (Best served 65°C-80°C/140°F-176°F)
    • Premium Matte Finish (Note: Handle Luxe Black with extra care to avoid external scratches)
    • Capacity: 480ml (16oz)
    • Height: 19cm
    • Diameter: 9.4cm
    • Weight: 360g
    • BPA-free Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel and Greblon® Ceramic
    • Hand Wash Only
    • 2 year Limited Warranty (Visit for more information)
    1. Brew
    2. Fill
    3. ENJOY!


    • Hot contents can create internal pressure resulting in discharge of hot vapour. Keep the slider opened for liquid above 75°C to release pressure from hot liquid.
    • ALWAYS open the lid with cup in upright position away from face to properly release pressure before drinking.
    • DO NOT put STTOKE in the refrigerator or freezer as it will damage the vacuum insulation.
    • DO NOT put STTOKE in the microwave as it will damage the cup and your microwave.
    • The external coating is not designed for rough usage so handle with care and DO NOT leave it in your bag as constant heavy friction will scratch off the coating. Wear and tear that causes scratches is not covered under warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeff Wood
Decent mug so far

It’s difficult to tell if this is plastic or stainless under the “coating” as it feels quite lightweight but it holds its shape more like stainless would. I haven’t had any leak issues but the cup does seem to retain some odor between uses. I’ve primarily used it for coffee and rinse it out immediately after use but it has a bit of a sour odor despite. The mug has a nice clean feel to it that I quite like.

Love the bigger size!

I have the 12oz but decided to also get the 16oz for days when I want more coffee or iced coffee. It’s perfect!

Susanne Colquhoun
Disappointed- no stars

My bad for thinking the cup was actually ceramic and not plastic- very disappointed customer.
Two plastic cups for $95 😕
It wouldn't allow me to rate - no stars

Keeps coffee hot, but retains an odour

The mug is able to keep coffee hot for hours while being very light. The lid is nice as it is leak proof and easy to clean. But the ceramic coating doesn't work to keep coffee odours out. After using the mug a few times, it develops an odour that doesn't wash out with soap. Even baking soda and vinegar doesn't get the smell out

jay h.
real ceramic!

with thick greblon coating, leakproof
does anything else we need?

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