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VARIA VS3 Hypernova Burr Set (2nd Gen) (Titanium-Plated) (Iridescent)

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    Please note that 1st Gen burrs are NOT compatible with 2nd Gen grinders and 2nd Gen burrs are NOT compatible with 1st Gen grinders

    Best for espresso and filter, the titanium-plated, second-generation, VARIA VS3 Hypernova Burr Set, has improved top end range for espresso particle distribution at finer sizes, resulting in medium body, increased clarity with slightly more balanced profile when compared to the VARIA VS3 Supernova Titanium-Plated Burr Set.

    Base Material
    A base material of 440 Stainless Steel is used for the Hypernova (2nd Gen) burr set offering an edge hardness of HRC65.

    Durability & Heat Sinking
    The titanium-plated burrs will have an increase in durability and also heat resistance. The burrs will stay cooler on the cutting edge during grinding and as a result this will impact the overall durability and sharpness of the cutting edge.

    Particle Distribution
    The grinding range of the titanium-plated burr vs the regular stainless steel will be improved at the top end of finer particle sizes.

    Grind Speed & Consistency
    The grind speed of the titanium-plated burr is slightly slower than that of the stainless steel burr type. The reason for this is the slightly smoother surface of the cutting edge material after treatment as well as the added elements described above. As a result of this the grinding speed can be viewed as slower grinding burr but with a higher consistency rate over the total dose.

    • Best for Espresso and Filter
    • Burr Size / Type: Precision CNCed, 38mm conical 6 core Hypernova Burr Set
    • Base Material: High nitrogen 440 Titanium-plated Stainless Steel
    • Burr Material Hardness: HRC65
    • Set includes 2nd Gen burr carrier and bearing
  • Use to replace or upgrade the burr set in your VARIA VS3 (2nd Gen) grinder.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Myles M.
VARIA VS3 Hypernova Burr Set

Improvement in the quality of shot an worth the price. Sadly had to return my Varia VS3 though because of reliability issues

VARIA VS3 Hypernova Burr Set (2nd Gen) (Titanium-Plated) (Iridescent)

Burr set looks extremely beautiful. Can't give taste comparison to the default included in Varia VS3 gen 2 as I purchased both at the same time and tossed in these hypernova's immediately.

Stephen Large
Great upgrade burr set

I have only been using these for the last couple of weeks but so far I am impressed. I find I have to set my grinder slightly finer now but my shots have been very consistent. While the burr set it came with was fine, I have noticed an improvement in the overall quality. Whether it is worth the extra $ time will tell.


Exceptional product!!! Increase clarity and taste. Cant wait to try hypernova ultra.

Nelson S.
Amazing upgrade

I bought the VS3 and while the burr set that comes with it is no slouch, this is a noticeable improvement to them. The flavours coming from the espresso is much more vibrant and discernible. It amplifies the flavour profiles quite drastically on both ends of the spectrum from the standard set. Would highly recommend. They are incredibly easy to change out as well.

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