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5" Steaming Thermometer

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  • Description
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  • This high-quality steaming thermometer simplifies steaming by giving you the means to track the temperature of the milk. Train new baristas to find the perfect temperature or use it to ensure consistent accuracy in your own drinks. This thermometer by Barista Basics is adjustable and can be easily calibrated to ensure long-term precision. Clips onto frothing pitchers for optimal control.

    • Range: -18° to 104°C (0° to 220°F)
    • Perfect for smaller pitchers
    • 12.7cm/5" Stem
    • 3.3cm/1.75" Dial
    • Target range indicator (60-77°C, 140-170°F)
    • Calibration tool on thermometer holder
    • NSF Approved
  • Method Coming Soon

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Works perfect! They show you the perfect temperature for the milk!


Excellent and quick. Extremely affordable and a good buy.

Nathalie R.
Steaming Thermometer

Very cute thermoeter. I like the green and red zone for quick reading of temperature needed for mild. Look very nice too.


I never steam milk without it!

Alexandre Gaudreau
Wish there would be something better, but it's as good as it gets versus others here.

I gave it a 3 stars but if I go more precise I would give 5 stars for the top portion which is very easy to read, more precise than digital thermometers, and I love the green zone. However I'd give a 1 star for the crappy and dangerous handle that is not only super hard to adjust as you can see from the major cut it did to my thumb that took a a few weeks to heal, but the way it's made other than the super sharp edges like a cheap 1990-2000 computer steal case, it's that it keeps wobbling back and forth loosely, but also it's going to scratch both the bottom of ur pitcher but also the inner portion where the handle sits.

I wouldn't have mind to pay twice the price to get the same top but with a sturdy and safe rubberized handle that would STAY firmly in place and won't cut my thumb from touching the sides.

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