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ACAIA Calibration Weight (100g)

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    A precision scale needs a precision calibration weight to match, so Acaia decided to build their own. Ensure that your measurements are the same as those of your collaborators! The Acaia 100g Calibration Weight follows the same aesthetic as the scales, with the Acaia logo and weight denomination laser-etched on the top and side respectively. Essential for any scale owner, the Acaia Calibration Weight (100g) keeps your scale accurate week after week.

    Acaia calibration weights are built to F2 class equivalent standards (+/- 0.0015 g) and are verified in the Acaia labs. Acaia built F2-class weight offers lab-quality calibration. Machined from stainless steel for long-term durability.

    Reminder: Each Acaia Lunar and Pyxis scale already includes one 100 gram Calibration Weight inside the package.

    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Permissible Error: +/- 0.0015g
    • Size: W29 x H20mm
    • Weight: 100g x 1
    • Not legal for trade
  • Use to calibrate your Acaia scale and keep it accurate.

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