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ACAIA Calibration Weight (500g)

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    A precision scale needs a precision calibration weight to match, so Acaia decided to build their own. Ensure that your measurements are the same as those of your collaborators! The Acaia 500g Calibration Weight follows the same aesthetic as the scales, with the Acaia logo and weight denomination laser-etched on the top and side respectively. Essential for any scale owner, the Acaia Calibration Weight (500g) keeps your scale accurate week after week.

    Acaia calibration weights are built to F2 standards (+/- 0.0075g) by Acaia and verified in the Acaia labs. The stainless steel material is durable to ensure accuracy over time, and the weight comes with an EVA foam case for protection during travel.

    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Permissible Error: +/- 0.0075g
    • Size: 49mm (W) x 33mm (H)
    • Weight: 500g x 1
    • Package: 80 (W) x 42mm (H)
    • Content: 500g Weight x 1, Carrying Case x 1
    • Not legal for trade
  • Use to calibrate your Acaia scale and keep it accurate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Although the higher end Acaia scales come with a calibration weight, this is a good add-on for the Pearl and other scales that require calibration. It might be too heavy to calibrate a jewelry scale I have, so just consider that if you're choosing between the 100g and 500g. From my poking about, it actually seems like a good price for what's available commercially.

Jeremy T.

This product has a premium build and includes a sturdy carrying case. I bought it to keep my Acaia scale calibrated… as others have said, it doesn’t make sense to buy a premium scale if it doesn’t stay accurate. I deducted one star due to the expensive price.

Wolff-Michael R.
Nice addition

Nice addition to my expresso equipment, though was surprised I would need to recalibrate the Acaia scale. Periodically check the scale now, which had drifted over the first couple of years by 1 gram for the portafilter (~520g).


Very well made and accurate. Keeps your scales at their most reliable readings.

Perfect Pair

If you are spending the money on the scale the extra dollars for the weight are worth it. It would be a shame to be using a high end scale that is not calibrated properly. Build quality is high (as expected) and comes with carry case. Buy them at the same time and it will feel more justified :D

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