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ACAIA Lunar Carrying Case

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    The Acaia Lunar Carrying Case is a travel case for your Lunar2021 scale, designed to carry the scale, the 100 g calibration weight, your coffee and a USB cable. It's great for the coffee enthusiast or professional on the move.

    Providing protection for its contents, the Lunar Carrying Case allows you to take the accuracy and precision of the Acaia Lunar in your suitcase or backpack, wherever you go.

    Please note that while the case provides protection from other objects, sudden accelerations or shocks may still damage your precision scale. Handle any luggage or bag containing sensitive scales with care.

    Scale calibration changes with variations in local gravity, surface tilt, and atmospheric conditions. Travel means all three must be considered. We recommend allowing the scale to rest, out of the case and in the location it will be used, before calibrating and using your Lunar after travel.

    • Customized for the Acaia Lunar2021
    • EVA foam interior absorbs shock during travel
    • Flap separates scale and accessory compartments
    • Space with easy pull tab designed to hold your 100 g calibration weight
    • Product Weight: 310g Product Dimensions: W: 131mm L: 135mm H: 62mm
    • Material: PU, ABS
    • Inside the Package: Lunar Carrying Case x 1
  • Use to protect and carry your Acaia Lunar2021 scale.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Well Made

Fits snug and feels like it will protect the scale well.

High Quality

Fits my Acaia Lunar scale like a glove. Good size. Made of premium materials. Holds everything I need on the go.

Ryan N.
High Quality Case

Super nice material and protection. Solid build

Ron R.
Solid Case

The Acaia cases are both excellent units. They provide solid protection. Fury they are well made and should last a good long time. I’d definitely buy both again even though they are $$$.

A case of super good case!

The case itself is very neat in the same way of Lunar scale. The bottom compartment offers an excellent protection of the scale, very snug and well padded.
On the other side though, the upper compartment for the charging cord and calibration weight (+/- other suff) could be improved so stuff doesn't move around as much if not fully packed. Velcro straps, foam, etc. could help. Especially for the calibration weight!
Otherwise, Great success, High Five!

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