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ACAIA Lunar Base Upgrade Kit

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    The Lunar Base is a fortified replacement base for the Acaia Lunar for heavy or commercial use situations when additional protection is necessary to maintain accuracy. The enlarged profile of the Lunar Base shields the scale from heat and moisture in shallow drip trays, and prevents drip tray lips and backsplashes from interfering with the movement of the scale's weighing surface.

    The polycarbonate outer base also eases movement of the scale across slotted drip trays, a bonus for workflows that involve frequent repositioning of the Lunar. The Lunar Base includes a replacement aluminum inner base, polycarbonate outer base, and all necessary hardware and tools for installation. The outer base protrudes 4mm on each side of the Lunar to prevent interference.

    • Dimensions: 110mm (W) x 110mm (H) x 78mm (D)
    • Contents: Lunar Base, Lunar Backplate, Hex Key, 6 Screws
  • ACAIA Lunar Base Upgrade Kit - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Excellent base.


Very sturdy

Jean-Francois Jutras
Almost required

So the base is almost a necessity but something that I just found out that kinda bothers me is that the heat pad that comes stock with the salvage is not compatible with the base. It a bit too long on the side which interferes with the weight and scale.

Great idea poorly implemented

I just recently received the base. I had previously read somewhere that the base being made out of plastic, was very slippery and I concur with that assessment. On my kitchen countertop which is laminate, it's like the thing was on skates on an ice surface, and I assume that the result will be the same in other polished surfaces such a granite and quartz. Acaia should either redesign the base or provide an anti-slip kit of some kind. If someone is interested in buying mine at a discount, leave a comment pls.

Harlan T.
Another Lunar accessory that ignores other design elements.

The upgraded baseplate interferes with the non-slip mat that's included with the scale. It seems that Acaia has designed a lot of the Lunar accessories with complete disregard for compatibility when trying to use them in tandem.

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