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American Weigh Dual Range Pocket Scale

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  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method
  • Made by American Weigh, (not to be shortened to AmWeigh), this great little scale is pocket sized, so you can weigh anything up to 500g wherever you are.

    With dual range, you have accuracy to 0.01g up to 100g and 0.1g up to 500g! This little pocket wonder is perfect for weighing out shots of espresso if you want to keep your brewing ratios in check. It’s slim enough (at 0.8” tall) to fit under your portafilter with a vessel on top of it, and has a speedy update rate so you can keep an eye on your shot weights in real time.

    The SM-500 takes 2 “AAA” batteries and has an auto shutoff after 60 seconds of no activity. The stainless steel design cleans easily for when you inevitably splash a little espresso on it in the heat of the moment. Don’t be embarrassed, just wipe it off and jam it back in your pocket with confidence knowing it won’t get your chinos dirty!

    We love these scales because they have an easy to read LCD backlit digital display, they look slick, and they have a ten year limited warranty.

  • Specifications:

    • Capacity: 500g
    • Resolution: 0.01 (0-100g), 0.1g (100-500g)(+/-0.2g)
    • Weighing Modes: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn
    • Product Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.9 x 0.8”
    • Weighing Platform Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.5”
    • Power: 2 “AAA” batteries (included!)
    • 10 year limited warranty!
    • Sleek pocket-sized design
    • Protective cover doubles as tray.
    • Stainless steel weighing surface
    • Magnetic latch on protective cover
    • Do not exceed the scale's maximum capacity. This scale has integrated overload protection, but any overload protection has its limits!
    • Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold. Scales perform best at normal room temperature. If temperatures have changed dramatically, recalibration may be necessary.
    • Allow your scale to warm up for 30-60 seconds before performing calibration.
    • Store your scale in a clean, dry location. Dust, dirt, and moisture can accumulate on the weighing sensors and electronics causing inaccuracy and malfunction.
    • Avoid using your scale in close proximity to strong radio wave emitting devices such as cordless phones.
    • Always weigh on a flat and level surface, free from vibrations and drafts.
    • Gently apply all items to be weighed. Do not drop items onto the weighing platform.
    • Avoid dropping your scale. The warranty does not cover damage due to rough treatment or overload.
    • Check the batteries first if you are having any trouble with your scale. This simple step can remedy most scale issues.
    • For best accuracy, calibration should be performed at least once every 12 months, depending on frequency of use. Calibration is already performed at the factory.

aws american weigh scale

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Excellent scale at a great price

Great scale, very accurate and fast enough to measure out the Picopresso output while camping. Wish it had some kind of water resistance, but for the value, I have no complaints.

Stephen Smith
Accurate, shipped quickly.

Not the AWS I'm used to using, but it works great! :P

Julia N.
Cute little scale!

I really like this scale. It’s hand-sized and the carry case and cleaning cloth were a nice surprise! It’s not as fast/responsive as the one I use at work, but for this price it’s very worth it. Definitely recommend it for someone who makes a small amount of coffee at a time.

Ed C.

Small scale is just what I needed.

Not amazing

It is a simple scale and works great but once it got the smallest amount of water in it, it stopped working, which is unfortunate for a scale used around and for liquids.

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