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FELLOW Big Jo Mug (12oz/355ml)

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    Bring a sense of occasion to your everyday ritual. Combining a matte ceramic body with a high contrast copper coloured bottom, at 12oz (355ml), the Big Jo is the largest Fellow's attractive Joey range of mugs. The tapered design allows for easy gripping while the double wall keeps the exterior cool and condensation-free. Built for coffee but open to your top shelf beverages.

    • Available in White or Black colourways
    • One (1) Big Jo Mug
    • Capacity: 355ml (12oz)
    • Materials: Double wall ceramic body with a copper-coated, stainless steel bottom
    • Cleaning: Hand Wash Only. Wash with warm soapy water. Do not use abrasive soaps, cleansers or scouring pads.
  • Use to serve a beautiful latte or any other large volume drink.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Roland Dorsay
Fellow Joey Mug

Highly satisfied, The Joey cups perform as advertised. These double sided mugs do a great job of keeping coffee warm for longer. And they look good too!

If there's one thing that would improve them: Make them dishwasher safe.

Poor Quality Control

The mug itself it large, solid, and hefty. It does a good job insulating. However, there seems to be some issues with quality control from Fellow on these. The base of the mug is uneven, causing a fair sized gap between the base and the ceramic. This creates a strange flex in the base. Additionally, water can get stuck in here and I imagine it will effect the adhesive and cause long term issues.

Favorite Mug

While this mug is over the top with how heavy and big it is I do not complain. It keeps my coffee warm for longer than I would think and is always a conversation starter when I give it to guests

Olaf N.

These are amazing and beautiful mugs. Such a pleasure to drink out of.

Don J.J.C.
Big Jo (12oz) too Big Size for my little hands

Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 10:49 AM
A few months ago I purchased a Fellow Cater Everywhere Mug (16oz) and found this vessel was all what has been said previously about it, notably it holds one’s hot beverage (coffee in my case) very warm for a very long time. That aspect plus the quality of this Fellow unit made me want to purchase a complimentary Fellow mug product since I prefer to drink my coffee is a small mug, small quantities at a time but keeping my remaining brew warm, in my case in the Carter 16 oz.

Not having seen in person the Fellow Big Jo Mug (12oz) nor its little sister the “Joey” Mug (8 oz), I decided to purchase both mugs recently. Although I had read several reviews about both mug sizes I was unprepared for the actual size and weight (451 - 456 gms) of the mugs. The 12 oz Big Joey is really big and for my hand size (thumb tip to index finger tip = 6 inches) I cannot properly grip or hold the Big Joey (12 oz), I can however with the Little Joey (8oz).

One other feature that one has to also consider is that the exterior of both these mugs are extremely smooth and I found I was wanting to have something that would provide me with a sure grip on the outside, having hot coffee inside the mug made me apprehensive about dropping the mugs. (I came up with a quick cheap solution, although not pretty, but it does the trick)

My summary is that both the 12 oz Big Joey and the 8 oz Little Joey are beautiful mugs, but the 12 oz is really too big for my hands and I will probably not use it. Also, having in my possession the 8oz Little Joey, this is the perfect capacity mug for my coffee. The smoothness of the exterior of the Big JO and Little Joey was also a concern for me, another item to keep in mind.

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