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  • Your Favourite Cool, Refreshing Beverage, Wherever You Go

    The KINTO To Go Bottle gives you the flexibility to take your favourite cold beverages wherever you need to go kick back and relax. Whether at the skate park, the zoo, or beach, the To Go Bottle’s dual wall design will keep your drinks cool and refreshing for hours. The straw-shaped silicone spout is a pleasure to drink from whether walking with friends, or commuting to work.

    The lid easily opens with a half twist - which means you get to enjoy your refreshing beverage that much easier. The easy carry handle allows you to carry your To Go Bottle around for hours if needed (although you’ll probably finish your drink before that!). The To Go Bottle comes apart easily (like almost every KINTO product), which makes it super easy to clean any smoothie bits out. There is also replacement parts in case a cocktail experiment goes terribly awry. The rounded inner bottom also prevents any build of mint, orange pulp, or other residue.

    So what are you waiting for? Your ticket to relaxation is just a few sips away from your new To Go Bottle. Cheers!

    • Capacity: 480 ml
    • Dimensions: 78 mm D x 240 mm H
    • Materials: Copolyester, Polypropylene, Silicone
    • Dishwasher Safe
    1. Mix Up a Refreshing Beverage!
    2. Fill Your Bottle, Do a Little Dance
    3. Sip and Stay Cool!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great tumbler I use it for water when I am out for a walk.



Not the best

I've been on the hunt for a good clear, large-ish and airtight/spill proof bottle for iced coffee for a while. It doesn't spill at all, so great work there. However, the colour was a muted pea green instead of a yellow as described (I was expecting a chartreusey colour), so that was a bit of a let down when I opened it cuz it's a bit of a pricey bottle for my budget. But hey, it's just the colour of the lid so not a giant problem.

That being said, I'm pretty disappointed in its temperature control. I brew my flash-iced coffee, add more ice, and fill it to the top so it's just cold liquid and minimal air. I get to work 30 min later without touching it, and the ice is already melted with the liquid already coming to room temp. I even chucked the bottle in the freezer the night before just to help it out, but it still had completely melted ice after 30min. I've had much cheaper double-barelled plastic cups work better than this at keeping summer heat out.

I'll give it an extra star because the texture of the mouthpiece is nice, and it is in fact spill proof. But I'd suggest buying a different product if you don't plan on immediately drinking your iced bevvy.

Great bottle for drinks on the go

I love this bottle for ice coffee, and other iced drinks. It's the perfect size. The only thing is that putting in too many ice cubes can make it hard to fit the straw in, but that's not a huge issue.

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