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KINTO WATER Bottle (500ml/17oz)

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    The compact and light weight design of the KINTO WATER BOTTLE makes hydration easier. It's small size easily fits in your backpack, hip pack, purse, or jacket pocket - allowing you to bring water wherever you go. Your water never looked better with the highly transparent glass-like copolyester, which has the durability and scratch resistance to get through the tumbles of your daily commute or trips to the grocery store.

    The handle is integrated into the lid, making it easier to carry and open. The handle also allows the WATER BOTTLE to be secured to your bag with a carabiner. The silicone gaskets are easy to wash and replace if they wear out. The inner bottom surface of the bottle is rounded, which helps prevent nasty build up. This keeps your WATER BOTTLE looking sparkling - making all of the water in the other water bottles jealous.

    The spout was designed to make drinking easier - not too big so that it doesn't splash water all over you, but not so small that makes it difficult to refill or wash. Drinking water from the KINTO WATER BOTTLE just feels right. You'll have to try it to believe us. To make drinking water even more pleasurable, the lid comes off with a single twist - allowing the clear, crisp, and refreshing water to pour effortlessly into your mouth. Now that's refreshing!

    • Capacity: 500ml (17oz)
    • Dimensions: ⌀70mm x H200mm (⌀2.8 x H8.0in)
    • Materials: Copolyester, Silicone
    • Dishwasher Safe
  • KINTO WATER BOTTLE (500ml/17oz) - User Manual

    1. Hooray for Your New Water Bottle!
    2. Fill Your Bottle with Refreshing Water
    3. Stay Hydrated!

    This is a tumbler for beverage. Do not use in a microwave. Do not place near open flames. Immediately wash and dry well after use, and keep dry when not in use. Wash with care. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. When using a dishwasher, please store products in the upper basket to avoid application of force and weight as they may cause distortions. Keep out of reach of children.

    Do not swing the product around as it may cause unexpected injuries or accidents. Do not drop or subject the product to strong impact as it may cause breakage or leakage. Do not shake or shock the product as it may cause liquid to spill. Do not put in dry ice as they may cause the product to expand and break. Do not put the product in a freezer as it may cause warp or breakage.

    Be careful not to pour too much beverage as it may overflow when closing. Ensure the silicone ring is attached correctly. Do not leave the product under high temperature such as in a car. Do not leave the beverage inside the product for long time as it may spoil. Do not use the product with citrus fruit juices as it may deteriorate due to terpene contained in the fruit's skin. Do not pour in boiling water as it may cause scalds and warpage.

    Some products may have roughness on the surface due to the polishing process to remove sharp parts. Some products may have thin lines on the surface due to plastic manufacturing process.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Solid material. Quite light and hasn’t easily scratched.

My Nguyen

Lightweight and cute

Tamae Miyazaki
Good size to carry around

Nice color and size


tiny not worth a single cent

super cute

i’ve had it for a bit over a week and it’s the cutest thing ever! it kind of reminds me of a fish oil tablet when it’s filled with water and it’s literally so pretty to look at. i feel like the coolest kid on the block with this waterbottle and i’ve gotten so many compliments. also they weren’t kidding when they said it’s scratch resistant. i have been pretty careful overall (like i haven’t been throwing it around on the floor) so maybe that’s why it looks super nice but i feel like usually clear bottles get scratched up pretty quickly at the bottom because ur always putting it down and sliding it around all kinds of surfaces but it’s held up pretty good so far (again, it’s hardly been a week but regardless). it’s also the perfect size! like i only have to refill it once when i take it with me to work but i would rather that than lug around a massive 1L bottle. over all 5/5 would recommend! i got the amber one :D

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