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REPA Silicone E61 Group Gasket (8.0mm)

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    Replace that leaky gasket in the E61 group head of your espresso machine with this neutral and aroma-free silicone gasket. The soft consistency creates a better seal and makes installation even easier.

    • 8.0mm conical design and external grooves match standard group head gaskets
    • Heat resistant silicone
    • Forms tight seal without tightening the portafilter as much as a standard gasket
    • Fits all espresso machines with E61 group heads
    • 73mm x 57mm x 8.0mm Orange Silicone Gasket
    • Petroleum based grease can degrade silicone. Use a silicone lubricant instead, ideally a food safe white grease.
    • Use the portafilter with the basket removed to install the gasket to avoid breakage
  • Use to replace the old gasket on your E61 espresso machine.

    Please note that although the gaskets are strong under compression, you should never use a sharp tool like a screwdriver to install them. This may tear the silicone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alain L.
For my Gaggia Classic Pro

The best for my GCP! And eightounce coffee has the best price as well, so winning combination!

Rubber gaskets are so last century.

All espresso machine manufacturers should ship their machines with a silicone gasket. So much better than OEM rubber gaskets.

Good silicone gasket

Soft silicone, good fit in my E61, and reasonable price. What more could you ask for?

William S.
So far so good on Rocket Evoluzione

Easy to install. Great fit!

Cody W.
Gaggia Upgrade

If you have a Gaggia Classic Pro, throw this on your next order. It made locking in the Portafilter a breeze. Silicone is supposed to last longer as well, so it's going to increase the longevity of that gasket. Honestly though, get it for the convenience, the stock gasket is so hard to lock in, and locks in at like 9:00 o'clock. This is much smoother, and locks in closer to 6:30 / 7:00 o'clock.

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