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    Here's a neat little rubber lid from Able Brewing that keeps the coffee in your CHEMEX® hot for longer. It's durable, flexible, and easy to clean. It comes in two colours - black and white. The rubber fits against the glass snugly, and it fits the neck of all CHEMEX® brewers.

    • Fits all CHEMEX® Coffee Makers
    • Made of white food safe elastomer
    • Made in USA
  • Place into the neck of your CHEMEX® to keep liquids hotter for longer.

chemex abel able

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Does not fit "all CHEMEX® Coffee Makers" :(

I purchased this to prevent evaporation while keeping my coffee warm - I've been using the glass option from Chemex. The glass stopper generally worked but fit very loosely and often inadvertently fell into a mug while pouring a cup.

I'd heard good things about the ABLE Lid so I was happy to find it from a Canadian seller.

I have the 10-cup Chemex Coffee Maker and unfortunately, it does not fit snugly as promised. It still works to prevent evaporation and help keep the coffee warm, but it is loose and can fall out when pouring.

Four stars because it didn't fit as promised.

Wayne W.
Better than the glass option

It's good but a little small for the 6-cup brewer. I would prefer one a little larger. Not an issue, though.

The gray one is more noticeable than the glass lid, so I don;t pour it into a cup accidentally. :-)

I use an electric warmer as well as including the lid. The combination works very well to keep the coffee hot enough.

Robert S.
Works like a charm.

This thing does exactly what it was intended to do. If you own a chemex, but one of these to go with it.

A must have for any Chemex owner.

I typically brew about 40g of coffee at a time in my chemex, the perfect amount for 2 mugs of delicious coffee. While I sip on my first mug, this lid does an excellent job at keeping the second one warm and ready to drink in the Chemex. It won't provide a ton of insulation but it is far better than any other option.

Great product

Fits on my Chimex six cup coffee carafe. Well made.

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