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ABLE AeroPress® Travel Cap

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    Turn your AeroPress® into a storage device when you're on the road. This Able AeroPress® Travel Lid lets you store your beans, filters, or anything you can think of in the AeroPress®, with the cap securing it tightly in place. It also provides a comfortable grip when plunging or a non slip surface for inverted methods.

    • Fits AeroPress®
    • Made of food safe elastomer
    • Made in USA
  • Press firmly to secure on the end of your AeroPress®.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pascal B.
It’s a lid

Don’t expect the world. A little added storage and comfort, sure. Great for using it at home when storing beans or a grinder is no concern. Still not sure if it will be a travel go-to as it can only hold ~70g of coffee while sacrificing the space for a porlex mini. So, unless you’re pre-grinding like a pleb, you’ll probably want to bring more coffee if you’re travelling for more than a couple days.

Trevor T.
Works great with Prismo!

I've been using Aeropress for a while, but recently I've started using Prismo with it as well. Having the Able Aeropress Lid provides additional grip which is very useful. It's also handy for inverted methods, instead of the standard plastic body.

Pricey, but Useful

For what you get, this product is a bit overpriced. However, the product does have a high degree of utility, which is why I bought it in the first place. It provides you with a spot to store coffee and other stuff while you travel and a better surface to plunge with!

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