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Modern Manners with Arminé Tatosian

Modern Manners with Arminé Tatosian

Hello, I'm Arminé!

A graduate of both fashion and interior design, I have taught at the college level, founded my own fashion design company, as well as interior design firm. Moving to Calgary seven years ago, I felt it was the right time for me to start teaching Modern Manners. This is not your grandmother’s etiquette.

Why manners? Kindness and consideration for others. If you treat people with respect and courtesy, it can create a positive chain reaction, and bring out the best in people. Manners are an important standard of behaviour in our interaction with other people in our society.

Close-up of Cookplay Jelly Mini Jar in front of the Jelly Jar; a tiny flower is shown peeking out of the Jelly Mini Jar

My passion is people, and I love nothing better than to engage and inspire clients–empower them with my enthusiasm and make their home environment beautiful, warm, and welcoming.

My second love is entertaining, which includes organizing memorable celebratory events, and arranging indoor and outdoor floral landscapes. I also love to help people get up to date on the modern do’s and don’ts about hosting, guesting, and overall good social skills.

Want to learn the basics of setting a table? Here is an example for a casual dinner.

Casual table setting including Kinto glasses, flatware, and plates

This table setting indicates that we will be having soup and salad. Dessert and wine will also be served. Important things to know.

Arminé setting a salad plate over a Kinto dinner plate

If you are serving salad, place a smaller plate on top of your dinner plate.

Arminé setting a Kinto bowl on top of the two plates

If soup is on the menu, add a bowl to your stack of plates.

Arminé placing a fork alongside other cutlery and plates

The knife goes on your right with the sharp edge facing the plate. If you are serving salad, place a salad fork on the outer side of the dinner fork.

Arminé setting down a second glass, indicating that wine will be served

The glass for water goes above the knife. If wine is being served, the wine glass goes beside the water glass.

Arminé placing a table napkin beneath the plates for a modern table setting.

The table napkin is typically on the left side or on top of the plate. For a modern look, it may be partially tucked under the plates.

Arrangement of Kinto tableware and Cookplay jars on a casual dinner table

Place settings are like a roadmap to your meal. Start on the outside and work your way inward towards the centre.


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