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ACAIA Heat Resistant Coaster

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    A silicone coaster with a whole lot of function, the Acaia Heat Resistant Coaster protects your Acaia coffee scale from scratches, keeps the electronics inside safe from the heat during those longer brews, and provides a nice, grippy surface for whatever you're doing.

    This pad comes standard with the Acaia Pearl Model S, but one is never enough, which is exactly why this package has two coasters inside!

    • Available in a variety of colourways
    • Set of 2 Silicone Coasters in a single colourway
    • Compatible with all Acaia Pearl and Pearl S models
    • Flexible Slip-Resistant Silicone
    • Diameter: 10.0 cm (3.9 inches)
    • Height: 3 mm (0.1 inches)
    • Designed in California
    • Made in Taiwan
  • Place this silicone coaster on your scale and let it work its grippy, insulating magic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ron R.
Effective Coaster

These coasters are effective at avoiding exposing your scale to heat and abrasion. They do color coordinate well with the scales. My most significant negative is that they don’t stay in place. They will slip around a bit.


Work well but $$$$

Great product

I purchased these to protect my shelf from my Bellman steamer so I could clean up right away and not leave it on the stovetop, and to protect my desk from a carafe when I make pourover. I think the Fellow carafe would probably be fine since it's double-walled, but this coaster also keeps it from slipping on the shelf or desk, and has just enough relief to catch small drips.
It is pricey, but I couldn't find anything else that I liked in the right size, and I would spring for them again.

Gets the job done

I purchased it for pour over coffee on my Lunar. Yes, it's just a tad big but it works well with my V60 01 setup. The product isn't exactly cheap, but if you enjoy your Acaia gear you might as well!

Well made

Great for preventing heat transfer or scratches to your scales.

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