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ACAIA Pearl Carrying Case

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    The Pearl Carrying case is an ABS foam case designed to provide protection for your scale during travel. The clamshell case is a custom fit for a Pearl and secures with a zipper. Please note that while the case provides protection from other objects, sudden accelerations or shocks may still damage your precision scale. Handle any luggage or bag containing sensitive scales with care.

    The inner case is specially designed to support the Pearl and protect the load cell against external force.

    • Customized for the Acaia Pearl and Pearl S models
    • PU leather with ABS foam interior absorbs shock during travel
    • Flap separates scale and accessory compartments
    • Dimensions: W: 184 mm L: 186 mm H: 52 mm
    • Weight: 388g
  • Scale calibration changes with variations in local gravity, surface tilt, and atmospheric conditions. Travel means all three must be considered. We recommend allowing the scale to rest, out of the case and in the location it will be used, before calibrating and using your Pearl after travel.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Simon Yang

Fits the Pearl well and keeps it safe during transit

Andy L.
Premium Case

This isn't a cheap bag for the Pearl scale. It's sort of a hard/soft mounded case with a good zipper. This case will protect the item in transport or storage.

Buying from Eight Ounce online was a very good experience. Recommend the case and the seller.

Ron R.
Excellent Case

The Acaia cases are both excellent units. (I bought both.) They fit the scales very well provide excellent protection. Further, they are well made and should last a good long time. I would definitely buy both again even though they are a bit pricey. They ge my strong recommendation.

Benoit D.
Great case, too snug

Great quality case. Look and feel sturdy while protective of the scale at the same time. Fit is slightly too snug, it is hard to store and remove the scale without using both hands

- High quality materials
- Sturdy and protects well

- Not enough color options
- Scale is a little bit too snug
- No space for accessories like the USB-C charging cable

Decent case

Case is a bit snug, but it does what it needs to. Great for taking my pearl on the road.

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