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AeroPress Original Coffee Maker

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    The inventor of the original Aerobie Flying Ring is apparently not just a one-trick pony - he went and created the AeroPress - an amazing way to brew coffee! And even more amazing is the fact that it has even given birth to the World AeroPress Championship, and has been celebrated by the specialty coffee community! And rightly so.

    The AeroPress is an exceptionally forgiving and consistent way of making great coffee and is particularly useful for travelling and/or workplace java breaks. It is effectively a big BPA-free plastic syringe with a filter at the end instead of a needle and it makes around 250ml (8oz) of coffee per serving. You can also make a stronger coffee solution and dilute if you so desire but, whichever way you choose, it takes less than a couple of minutes to make a delicious cup of coffee and is really easy to clean.

    The AeroPress Original comes bundled with everything that you need to get started:

    • AeroPress
    • Stirrer
    • 100 filters
    • Scoop
    • AeroPress Original Capacity: 10oz (296ml) (maximum as stated by AeroPress)
    • AeroPress is BPA, BPS, and Phthalate Free
    • Made from Polypropylene and medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene)
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty on material and workmanship defects
  • AeroPress Original - User Guide

    So how do you use it? Here's our favourite AeroPress Brew Method:

    • Put your freshly ground and weighed out coffee into the inverted (with the filter end pointing upwards) AeroPress. As a guide, start with 15-16g for 250ml of water and adjust to taste.
    • Put the filter into the filter holder and wash through with hot water to get rid of any nasty paper taste
    • Pour just off-the-boil water over the coffee, filling the AeroPress nearly to the top
    • Stir a prescribed amount of times (we use three) and top off with water
    • Attach the filter holder and secure (before the end of the brew time)
    • Leave to brew for your preferred brew strength (our preference is about a minute from when the water makes contact)
    • Turn over onto the top of your favourite sturdy mug and push down the plunge until the AeroPress is empty, and you hear a slight hissing sound.

    So how do you clean the AeroPress? You can clean the AeroPress in the top rack of the dishwasher. However, a simple rinse is sufficient because the plunger wipes the chamber. If your chamber ever gets sticky, wash it with vinegar, occasionally removing the seal from the end of the plunger for a good washing inside and out with warm water and dish soap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Doug T.
Great brewer, missing filter holder and funnel

I've been using an aeropress for the last 3 years, and with the prismo, nothing this brewer really can't do aside from large volume brewing.

However, Aeropress has dropped the filter holder and funnel from being included as standard, and reduced the amount of filters that come with it as well. Considering not everyone uses the scoop or stir stick, but the funnel and filter holder are used by everyone, this is clearly a choice. Still an amazing brewer, but Aeropress loses a star for their packaging change.


One of the best and easiest ways to make coffee

Great as always

I bought it for a friend, always a great brewer, very forgivable.

Meghan W

After trying a friend’s aeropress & experiencing how tasty the coffee was. I had to get one, since I’m on the road traveling, camping or in the backcountry and can take it along with me for easy cleanup & a tasty cup of coffee no matter where I go.

John W.
It just works!

I have done pour over, keurig, Tassimo, teabag-like coffee pods, and now, Aeropress. I have not gone beyond the suggested recipe, because it works, and the Americano I get is really good! I realize I actually like immersion brewing(unlike my French press experience). Now to go down that rabbit hole of different local roasters, and different blends of my favourite drink! Thank you Eight Ounce Coffee for your great service!

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