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APRIL Glass Server

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    From April Coffee Roasters of Copenhagen, Denmark, comes the glass April Server. A perfect companion to the April Glass Brewer, this attractive, little pitcher is great for brewing into when you have company for coffee.

  • Hand-made glass pourover server

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Customer Reviews

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Sam P.
Nice, but a few quirks

Overall, the server is lovely. It’s compact, looks great, and fits perfectly on the Acaia circular Heatproof “Coaster” on my Acaia Pearl. I’ve got three complaints:

1. The lid - no problems with the fit, but the design of the lid is such that water can get trapped in the edges of the lid after washing. It’s hard to explain, but I basically have to shake the lid in a horizontal manner after washing to get the water out. It eventually dries, but is a confusing design choice.

2. The spout - I’ve used the Hario Server before which has a nice spout, no drips. Unfortunately, the April server’s spout is a little leaky and will drip a little when you finish pouring. It’s not a ton, maybe a drop or two, but noticeable. It also does not allow for the same level of pouring control as the Hario. This isn’t really a huge deal (just pouring coffee into another cup) but a slight annoyance.

3. The handle - the handle looks lovely, but for some reason is a hollowed out tube with no end cap, allowing water to get inside after washing. Of course, the water eventually dries, but it is a confusing choice.

Day to day, these really are just quirks and I love the way it looks and feels. I would not brew anything over 400 ml, definitely feels like it was designed for brews 350 ml and below.

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