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CERAPOTTA Ceramic Coffee Filter

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    Winner of the 2023 Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) New Product Award for sustainability, the Cerapotta Ceramic Coffee Filter uses tiny pores only 5µm (micrometers) in diameter (less than the width of a human hair!) to filter out impurities and preserve your water's essential flavour.

    Adjust your pouring technique while brewing with the Cerapotta to create bolder or lighter flavours to easily suit your taste.

    With the Cerapotta, there is no need for soap or detergent, just rinse after each use! If the drip speed becomes slow or an undesirable sour aftertaste develops, the Cerapotta may be clogged and need maintenance. The ceramic filter may be unclogged and sterilized by boiling in water on the stove or in a microwave. Cerapotta's materials are naturally antifouling for easy care and cleaning.

    The Cerapotta combines Japanese tradition and technology. Hasami porcelain ware has been made in Nagasaki for the last 400 years. The Cerapotta represents a coming together of these traditional techniques with the latest modern technology. Forming, drying, and firing is still done by artisans as it was in the past. The ceramic's texture, the sound it makes while filtering, and the subtle aromas it brings out are a perfect match for Japanese aesthetics.

    The Cerapotta makes enough for 1-4 cups in a single brew, ideal for yourself or to share with friends.

    • Dimensions (approx)
      • Filter: ⌀100 x H110mm (⌀3.9 x H4.3in)
      • Stand: ⌀100 x H5mm (⌀3.9 x H0.2in)
    • Weight (approx)
      • Filter: 115g (4.06oz)
      • Stand: 60g (2.1oz)
    • Materials: Ceramic
    • Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love the Cerappota. No paper waste. No compromise on flavour. Easy to use. And it is elegant. I’d call it beautiful. I’m literally thrilled with it.

Very cool concept

I collect all forms of pourover devices (and coffee devices in general)... so I saw this and had to get one! I haven't used it many times yet, but so far it has been working well! I will share what I have observed so far. Water gets through it surprisingly fast, though a little slower than a paper filter. You also have to use a pretty coarse grind compared to most drippers. I'm guessing if you grind too fine, it clogs the pores of the ceramic. The drawdown was very slow when I used 22 clicks on a commandante (which is what I would normally use for the specific roast in a v60) but much better at 28. Cleanup is easy, just knock the grinds out and and rinse the filter. It hasn't shown signs of staining, and doesn't pick up a very strong smell which is promising. Overall, it's a really cool concept since it is reusable like a metal filter, but gives way more clarity/less oil. I haven't seen anything like it before, so I would recommend trying one out!

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