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CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filters 32OZ

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  • Cold brew coffee made with CoffeeSock organic cotton coffee filters is rich in aromatic oils and smooth with balanced acids.

    Using soft, organic cotton, this cold brew filter is hand-sewn in the USA. It fits inside a mason jar, or any container of your choosing.

    Not only are you reusing your filter, you're also creating a totally different flavour profile than you would get with paper or metal filters. Cloth filters allow more oils through, and therefore give you more body - without sacrificing complexity.

    • Fits inside a mason jar (not included)
    • 100% Made in USA by Coffee Sock
    • Organic cotton
    • One filter per pack
    1. Add your favourite freshly ground coffee - ground medium to coarse. Try with 6oz of coffee
    2. Bloom to start (wet grounds thoroughly and let sit for 60 seconds).
    3. Twist neck of filter, wrap tie string around neck a few times and slip neck of filter through glass ring.
    4. Fill jar with cold water and allow to soak overnight in refrigerator. 12-18 hrs
    5. Remove filter and rest in mouth of jar to fully drain.
    6. Top off cold brew jar with fresh water to desired brew strength

    Cleaning Instructions:

    • compost your grounds (great for your soil)
    • turn your sock inside out and rinse with hot water
    • squeeze out excess water, and hang up to dry thoroughly between uses. this is all the cleaning that is necessary with ordinary use

    To further sanitize occasionally, or as necessary:

    • boil for 5 minutes
    • or run through dishwasher
    • or soak in water and microwave on high

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Better than steel

Rich rounded cold brew in any jar i please. There is no sludge either.

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