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    Heavy-duty and high-performance, the C60 Baracuda® is a manual coffee grinder with the biggest and most advanced burr set design Comandante® has ever released.

    Milled from a single block of steel, for absolute stability and maximum drivetrain efficiency, the C60's unibody construction was a challenge that pushed the boundaries of manufacturing techniques and quality, using processes normally reserved for high-performance motor parts.

    The result is a precise design that perfectly supports the function of this hefty one kilogram hand grinder, whose quality and capability can be felt the moment it is in your hands.

    Thanks to Comandante®'s optimization of the Baracuda® burr geometry, the bean thru-put is two to three times higher than other hand grinders and still provides a smooth grinding experience with comfortable crank torque and world-class particle size distribution. The C60 Baracuda® is perfectly suited to grind for the full range of brew methods, from coarse filter and immersion to super-fine espresso.

    • Weight: ~1018g (~35.9oz)
    • Dimensions
      • Assembled: 195mm x 200mm x 60mm (7.7in x 7.9in x 2.4in)
      • Pack Size: 150mm x 115mm x 60mm (5.9in x 4.5in x 2.4in)
    • Materials
      • Drivetrain: Stainless Steel (certified safe in contact with food and water)
      • Grind Adjustment: GX50 Gold Clix with the grind dial made out of brass (the fine GX50 thread of the Gold Clix drivetrain system allows for super fine adjustments of grind setting. With a vertical burr pitch of 41.6μm per click, the resulting change to your target particle size is around 21μm per click setting)
      • Knob: Big Joe made from solid European Oak
      • Crank: Equipped as standard with the Comandante® Black Crank
    • Extremely durable and sturdy
    • FDA food and water approved
    • Designed and Manufactured in Germany
  • The C60 Baracuda® operates similarly to the Comandante® C40, for which the manuals below apply.

    English User Manual (PDF - 3.5 MB)
    German User Manual (PDF - 3.8 MB)

    The easiest way clean your C60 Baracuda® is to disassemble your grinder and brush all parts clear of coffee dust. You can also blow coffee dust out of hard-to-reach areas using compressed air, a camera lens blower or good old lung-power!

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Praying for patience

I really want one of these grinders but it seems like they are very hard to get . Just wondering why. I have checked them out on u tube and it seems to me that they are fast to grind while maintaining quality of grind with smooth operation. Hoe can I get one?

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