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DF GRINDERS DF54 All-Purpose Coffee Grinder (120V)

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    DF Grinders' DF54 is an entry-level, all-purpose, flat burr coffee grinder that was created with the goal of delivering the highest quality coffee grind in its price range.

    Enjoy an aromatic espresso before your morning run, immerse yourself in the calming ritual of a pourover at the end of a stressful work day, or brew a syphon to enjoy with friends. The DF54 is an excellent choice for every home barista.

    With custom-made stainless steel 54mm flat burrs, the DF54 ensures a fluffy grind with minimal clumping and consistent particle size distribution. Say goodbye to static with the plasma generator (ionizer) integrated into the exit chute, effectively eliminating any static build-up.

    The DF54's design incorporates three seated positions for the upper burr carrier, along with an integrated wave spring, ensuring absolute stability in the grinding chamber. This innovative design not only guarantees stability but also minimizes retention to a whole new level, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient grinding process.

    To enhance the grinding speed and prevent uneven grinding, the DF54 features an integrated "anti-popcorn" cover. This revolutionary addition ensures that your grind is both fast and consistent, giving you the perfect cup of coffee every time.

    Experience the DF54 and elevate your coffee brewing game to new heights. Embrace a grinder that combines quality, performance and affordability.

    • Weight: 4500g (158.7oz)
    • Motor: 150W
    • AC Input: 100-120V
    • Dimensions: 178mm x 114mm x 305mm (7 x 4.5 x 12in)
    • 54mm Flat Burrs: Custom-made stainless steel flat burrs
    • Plasma Generator (ionizer): The exit chute is equipped with a plasma generator to eliminate static
    • Anti-Popcorn: Integrated disc prevents beans from jumping, increasing grinding speed
    • 58mm Transparent Plastic Dosing Cup: Includes a 58mm food-grade transparent plastic dosing cup for convenient use
    • True Zero Retention (less than 0.1g): the grinder achieves almost zero retention even without the bellows
    • Stepless Adjustment: Redesigned chrome-wrapped dial with a metal indicator for easy and precise grind size adjustment
    • Bean Hopper Capacity: 20 grams without bellows, 50 grams with bellows
    • Materials: Aluminum Body with Powder Coating Finish
    • Easy-Clean Technology: The grinder can be opened for cleaning in a few simple steps without the need for tools
    • What's included:
      • DF54 Single Dosing Coffee Grinder
      • Bellow and Wooden Lid
      • Plastic Dosing Cup and Rubber Adapter
      • Manual
  • Use to precisely grind coffee, for multiple brewing methods.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jim Huang
The most greatest thing

I’m doing 60% espresso and 40% pour over , DF54 actually doing great job between two ways , and it’s ain’t really close to DF64 , if you don’t have much budget than it’s the one for you .

Sean Romano
Great Grinder

The DF54 is a huge upgrade from the Cuisinart DB8. It works relatively quietly and produces uniform fluffy grounds with a wide range of adjustment. I'm impressed

Will Moodie
Very Good

This grinder has been outstanding thus far!

Facundo L.
Highly recommended

The grinder arrived within a week in New Jersey, USA. It is an excellent grinder, very quiet and intuitive to dial in. Overall, I am very happy with this grinder, and it is a significant improvement over the MiiCoffee D40+ that I had.

Happy with my 1st grinder

New to the barista world. The order was shipped in a timely manner and as advertised (was on pre-order). I want to point out two things that some online reviews have talked about. 1) The bellows : mine stay firmly on the grinder and won't fall off even with a gentle tap or while pressing; 2) Grind noise volume : i think this is considered a ''quiet'' grinder in the market but I'm just gonna say that it's loud enough to wake someone up on the same floor (maybe this is the case for all electric grinders?). Didn't check yet if burrs were aligned. Zero point was about -5. Excited to learn and absolutely thrilled that I don't need to drink old ground coffee anymore.

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