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KALITA Caffe Tall Brewer (Grey)

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    The fantastic Kalita Caffe Tall works very much in the same way as a Kalita Kantan but is comprised of a solid re-usable filter holder and filter papers. Place the filter holder over your favourite mug, insert a 101 filter paper and brew away!

    • Uses Kalita 101 filters
    • Ideal for coffee cups with external diameter less than 100mm and an inside diameter of 60mm or more.
    • Made from PP resin
    • Made in Japan
  • Use to brew a single cup of coffee. Place the dripper directly on top of any coffee cup with an external diameter of 100mm or less and an internal diameter of 60mm or more.

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Customer Reviews

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Indestructable brewer

This brewer has three exit holes, just like the Kalita Wave except that the holes are in a row. The dripper looks like a Melitta and takes the same fan-shaped/tuncated cone filter papers, but the inside surface is the same as the classic "Kalita-style" 101/102/103 dripper favoured in Japanese Kissaten. Unlike the Melitta, the Kalita has high ribs everywhere - the Melitta has no ribs up top and much less pronounced ribs near/at the bottom, and has one hole instead of the Kalita's three. The brewer is arguably best used with for medium and darker roasts and a slow constant drip feed to keep the bed constantly near the level of the height of the dripper (not the height of the filter paper). This plastic version is a nice way to try out this brewing method as well as being essentially unbreakable and so great for travel.

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