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ETKIN 8-Cup Coffee Dripper

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    Sometimes, bigger is better. The Etkin 8-cup Coffee Dripper is a flat-bottomed pourover dripper optimized to make up to a litre of coffee. Its double-walled, ergonomic design allows for easy handling. Deep ridges help minimize choking and channeling for a sweet, full-bodied cup of coffee.

    Don't be stuck making cup after cup of coffee. With the Etkin Dripper there's plenty to go around.

    • 100% Turkish porcelain
    • Made in Turkey
    • Uses standard 8-12 cup basket coffee filters
    • Etkin Carafe (1500ml/51oz) sold separately

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Customer Reviews

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I've been wanting to get this for a long time. It is definitely a hefty dripper, and obviously it's quite big. There are a few things to consider though, before getting this.

- For one, you need some rather large-ish filters. But not too large. They have not been the easiest thing to find. I knew I would need large ones before getting it, but the ones I had on hand were too big.

- Two, the base of the dripper is large. This means it will not sit well on most mugs or carafes. Out of the seven carafes I have, it only fit on one. The others it would be tilted, which is not great.

If you have the extra money, I would say get the combo with the carafe and filters. If these two points are not a big deal go ahead and get it. This dripper is truely unique and worth the price

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