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FELLOW Eddy Milk Pitcher (18oz/532ml)

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    The FELLOW Eddy Milk Pitcher is the barista's paintbrush for pouring precise latte art. The fluted spout makes fine detail easier while the sharp crease moves milk forward toward the spout in one seamless motion for an intuitive pour. The tapered body spins milk more consistently for silky smooth micro-foam. The open-ended ribbon handle lets you hold Eddy any way you want. All of these little design details work in tandem to Monet your milk.

    • Capacity: 18oz (532ml)
    • Materials: 304 18/8 stainless steel in a polished steel or graphite finish
    • Great for any milk or non-dairy based drinks from cortado to latte sized
    • Volume Markings at 8oz, 10oz and 12oz
    • Dishwasher Safe
    1. Fill with the desired amount of chilled milk
    2. Steam milk with the steam wand in the centre of the pitcher, milk should flow up evenly on all sides
    3. Different positions of the steam wand allow for variations in the texture of your microfoam
    4. Continue steaming until the milk reaches your preferred final temperature, usually 130-150°F (55-65°C)
    5. Tap the pitcher on the counter, and then swirl the microfoam to make it even more smooth and consistent
    6. Pour and serve

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gorgeous Pitcher

Love the look of the pitcher. Coating seems to be holding up. Only wash by hand

David H.
The Pitcher is great... the Home Barista needs a lot of work! 🤣

I need Improvement !

Danielle T.
Gorgeous pitcher !

The quality is fantastic and this is a beautiful milk pitcher that is nice enough looking it can be left on display!

Nice pitcher

Works well, cools well in the fridge and the markings are holding up really well to the dishwasher so far with no indications of fading. No issues even when using a smaller amount of milk in it

Smooth design

I bought this pitcher along with the smaller 12 oz pitcher. My comments are largely similar: I really like the feel of the rounded and indented handle, and the open bottom of the handle. The volumetric measurements on the side are useful, although the measurements are in oz whereas I typically prefer mL. It has a satisfying weight, but it is not heavy. I have actually had better success pouring latte art with this larger pitcher, but that may just be because it is easier with a greater volume of liquid, but I have heard that it is easier to pour out of larger pitchers because of pitcher shape and the angle of tilt. But the point is, this is a very well-designed pitcher. For me, it was worth the extra price for a product with really intentional design.

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