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FELLOW Opus All-Purpose Grinder (120V)

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    Discover how a great grinder can change the game for your brew. Meet the powerful all-purpose grinder that unlocks your coffee's full potential, for every grind from espresso to cold brew.

    Achieve grind consistency you can taste, with C6-40 Burly Burrs™ (a 6-blade 40 mm conical burr set) and powerful motor with 6Nm of torque deliver outstanding, flavourful grinds.

    Opus is the full package. Use the volumetric dosing lid to measure beans for up to 12 cups of brewed coffee, pop the load bin lid for a grind guide so you're never lost, make precision adjustments using the inner ring, and keep your settings in check with unique no-tool calibration.

    Opus reduces grind retention and mess with a direct drop-down design from load bin to catch cup, anti-static technology and a spouted catch, all in a beautiful and compact form that's a looks great on a countertop.

    • 6-blade 40mm conical C6-40 Burly Burr™ set
    • 41+ Precision Settings (plus expanded range and granularity using the inner ring)
    • 110 g Load Bin Capacity (brew what you want, up to 12 cups of coffee)
    • Single Dose Loading (grind only what you need, so beans stay extra fresh)
    • Timed Autostop (automatically shuts off after the last bean is ground)
    • Anti-Static Technology (grinds stay in your brewing device, rather than your countertop)
    • Compact Footprint
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 210mm x 129mm x 268mm (8.3inx 5.1inx 10.5in)
    • Easy Grind Adjustment
    • Reduced Grind Noise
    • Weight: 2.27kg (5lbs)
    • Grinds Capacity: 100g
    • Voltage U.S. and Canada: 120V
    • 1.25 A, 60 Hz, 150 W
    • Cord Length: 1000mm (39.4in)
  • FELLOW Opus All-Purpose Grinder - Safety and Maintenance Guide

    FELLOW Opus All-Purpose Grinder - Get to Know You Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Mark E.
All that you need.

This one is perfect as your go-to daily grinder. Affordable, quiet and slim profile. After over a year of use, it hasn't let me down. Go from the thickest cold brew grind all the way to fine espresso. Can't go wrong.

Maria E.
Fellow Opus

super easy to use, not too loud, great coffee

The Ideal Grinder for a Hobbyist

I've been drinking coffee for years and only recently started investing in a home espresso setup, and a hand grinder just didn't cut it anymore. We picked this unit a couple months ago, and it's been reliable, fast, quiet and versatile. Great for espresso, drip, and French press. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a very solid option without making a huge investment.

Jakey Hiebert
Very Nice!

Absolutely love the anti static technology!

Brad p.

Having both an espresso setup, and pour over at home this was a no brainer for me. Love the ease of use, intuitive design and it looks great on the counter

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