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FELLOW Stagg Double Wall Carafe

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    Brew multiple cups for friends, or make a large batch of coffee for one. Use the ratio aid alongside Stagg Dripper's ratio aid for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. The first dot means you've hit one serving, the second dot means you've hit two servings. The ratio aid dots correlate to the Stagg Dripper's ratio aid for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio.

    • Double wall glass allows for longer heat retention and no exterior condensation
    • Hand blown borosilicate glass
    • Ratio Aid - Never guess how much water to add
    • Silicone lid included to keep your coffee hot longer
    • Carafe comfortably holds 20oz (591ml) at the double dots
  • Use to decant and serve up to 591ml (20oz) of delicious brewed coffee. Hand wash ONLY.

    FELLOW Glassware Safety and Use Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Winnie Tam
Love it but you have to baby it

I love the Stagg pourover system! This is my 3rd glass carafe just because I use this everyday so the chances of it breaking is pretty high. Obviously, the only complaint is it’s delicate to wash.

Great carafe

It looks great next to my fellow stagg glasses. It's the perfect size for the two of us, the lid helps keep the coffee warm.

Great Carafe for Pourovers

Its very light weight and perfect for those few cups you want to make in the morning. The double walled glass is a step up from the old Hario I started with. My only problem with it sometimes is that it feels like it will slip but this is more an ergonomics issue as I have small hands.

Does its job; hard to hold

Does exactly what it's intended to do: keeps the coffee warm and looks great. As noted elsewhere, it's a handful: I'm a man, 6' tall, long fingers and I wouldn't want it any larger. My wife needs 2 hands to pour it, which is awkward and inelegant. Also important to recognize is there is no lip or bump to hold it up. If your hands are slippery, it will slip right out and you will drop it.

Enhancing Your Pour-Over Game

It keeps my brew at that sweet spot of warmth. If you're serious about your coffee, this is the one to get. It's a must-have for anyone who appreciates a good cup

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