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FELLOW Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle (120V)

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    Designed as an electric version of the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle, the minimalist Stagg EKG gives you ultimate control. It's the same great kettle with an intuitive, steady pour from Stagg's precision pour spout but with the added electric variable temperature control that will let you brew with greater ease and more control over every variable.

    Because wood is a natural product it is prone to drying and warping. Wood components that are exposed to high heat and moisture, such as the lid pull and handle, may eventually dry out and crack (like repeatedly putting a cutting board in a dishwasher). To prevent this, we recommend periodically applying mineral oil to the lid pull & handle once per month - and buffing with a soft cloth. It’s also good practice to do this any time you notice the wood feeling especially dry.

    This 120V electric coffee kettle is only compatible with outlets in the US and Canada. To find an international retailer near you, head HERE

    • PID controller maintains the perfect temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes
    • Display modes show the current and goal temperatures or a stopwatch to time your brew
    • 900 milliliter boiling capacity
    • Stainless steel body
  • FELLOW Stagg EKG - Quick Start Guide
    FELLOW Stagg EKG - Safety and Instruction Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Mark E.
Still the best

Three years after purchasing: still going strong, still the best pour over kettle. Simple, precise, delicious. Spend your money wisely and confidently on this. You won't regret it one bit.

Torrie B.
Problems after 14 months

I purchased this kettle in October 2022 and it started having issues at the end of 2023. The kettle boils over due to the temperature gauge not working (it gets stuck around 80C). This happens every other day. I do not overfill the kettle (I check every fill now) and I live at sea level. This is a safety issue since boiling water discharges onto the counter. After some research I found this is a known problem with these kettles. Unfortunately mine is out of warranty but I tried contacting Fellow customer service explaining all of the above. They offered me 10% off a new one. When functioning normally, these kettles are great and I can highly recommend. But, it is pretty disappointing to spend $300 on a kettle for it to stop working normally after a year of use. I don't think I would buy another one with 10% off. I'd expect a fix, significant discount, or new kettle given that this problem is known to occur.

So not worth the money.

This kettle is so inconvenient, it pours so slow, it leaks all over and it’s so easy to burn yourself. It looks nice but that’s the only perk.

Valentina M.
Won’t Last, Poor Quality

I got this kettle as a gift about a year and a half ago and it started malfunctioning a few months ago. The base no longer reads the temperature properly, it reads it as a lower temperature than it actually is resulting in the water boiling over. Loved it but expected it to last for longer than it did. The warranty only lasts a year. Very disappointed in the quality.

Great pour over kettle

I purchased a knock off from a very large online retailer. Hoped it would be almost as good as the Fellow Stagg. Well that was a waste of money. It stopped working within 8 months. Eight Ounce Coffee had the best price for the Fellow Stagg with the maple handle. WHAT a difference. Temp is accurate, it is quick to heat and silent. Pour is nice and slow. Perfect pour over coffee now. So happy!

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