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FLAIR 58 Funnel

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    The Flair 58 funnel is an aluminum funnel that magnetically attaches to your Flair 58 portafilter. Never sliding off, always in the right place. Ensure your dose goes exactly where you want it to, right to your extraction.

    • COLOUR: Black aluminum
    • COMPATIBLE WITH: Flair 58 and 58x Espresso Makers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Josh M.
Great Purchase

Magnets hold really well so you don't have to tip toe around while prepping your puck and keeps the grinds off the top of my portafilter. I really like this funnel and would recommend to anyone thinking about adding one to their setup.

Works great with BDB portafilter…

For all of you home baristas rocking a Breville Dual Boiler, I can confirm that this funnel works like a hot damn with the stock portafilter (a KILLER combo is this funnel and the Nanotech 18g basket 💥). This combo sped up my workflow significantly.

As for the magnets, they work just fine…unless you want to incorporate some serious stump pulling magnetic strength in your espresso workflow 😝.

No grinds on the top edge of the portafilter either. Nice. And. Clean.

Not a fan of the big bold Flair branding on the side of the funnel, but whatever. That’s easily addressed by facing it behind, banishing it to the darkness of the wall behind it. Or a Sharpie…

Another instance of Eight Ounce to the rescue. Superhero status.

It works ok

This will work just as good as any dosing funnel. My biggest complaint is it sits on the portafilter/basket kind of loosely and the magnets don't seem to be strong enough for my liking. If it did not have the magnets it would probably function just as well, but it is made of aluminum so it is lighter than a stainless steel dosing funnel, so perhaps the magnets do serve a bit of a function. I thought it may have been the portafilter/basket that didn't have enough metal to be magnetic, but I tested it with some other strong magnets I have and it sticks well. To put it another way, if you were to invert the portafilter upside down, the magnets cannot hold the weight of the funnel, I know this is not what the product was intended for, but it gives you an idea of the strength of the magnets. I find when I knock grinds down after WDT I need to make sure to hold the funnel when I tap it against my tamping mat, whereas with other magnetic funnels I have used, this could be done without holding the funnel.

You can tamp through this if you want as there is no inner ring that sits inside the basket.

Used with a Gaggia

Like the others, I am not using this funnel on a flair 58, but on my Gaggia Classic Pro Portafilter. The fit is fine, but not flawless. It does, however, do exactly what I wanted it to.

Great funnel

Fits great on my Rancilio portafilter. The funnel sits on top of the PF (as opposed to partially inside the basket) which makes it perfect for WDT.

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