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FLAIR Flow-Control 2 Portafilter

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    The Flow-Control 2 Portafilter is an upgrade to the original flow-control technology. The addition of a removable spout allows for easier cleaning and de-clogging, ensuring the highest level of performance on a daily basis.

    As with the original, the Flow-Control 2 Portafilter restricts the flow of your brew water through your coffee grounds to help ensure the proper pressure and extraction time, regardless of your beans or how well you’ve been able to dial-in your grinder. The result will stay the same, delicious espresso, topped with crema.

    With proper use, the removable spout will enjoy a long lifespan. However, in the case of loss or damage the Flow-Control 2 Spout Kit, a replacement pack of three (3) spouts, is also available.

    • COLOUR: Red
    • PORTAFILTER DIAMETER: 40mm / 1.6in
    • COMPATIBLE WITH: Flair Standard Brew Head for Classic, Signature and NEO

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Helpful to have a second portafilter for double shots

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