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GREAT JONES Large Fry (⌀10.25in/26cm)

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    This ⌀10.25in (26cm), nonstick frying pan is made with a nontoxic ceramic coating that's healthier for both you and planet Earth. Large Fry is great if you cook often for a group or simply want to enjoy a large personal pancake.

    Small Fry, Large Fry, Deep Cut, Saucy, and Big Deal are all made of nonreactive stainless steel, so you can cook whatever butters your bread (even if that's just butter and bread) without worrying about the cookware impacting flavour. Also, all of these products have an aluminum core, ensuring heat distributes evenly (so one side of your steak isn't rare while the other is well done). The handles and knobs are stainless steel; they're crafted to dissipate heat.

    The Small Fry, Large Fry, Holy Sheet, and Little Sheet have a nonstick ceramic coating (no Teflon!). Nontoxic materials shouldn't be the exception; they should be the new standard.

    • Safe for all stovetops (including induction)
    • Welded handles, with no screws, rivets, or seams to trap food or unwanted bacteria
    • Free of PTFE and PFOA chemicals
    • Materials: Ceramic Nonstick on Stainless Steel (contains trace amounts of nickel)
    • Weight (empty): 1247.4g (2.75lb)
    • Volume: 2129ml (2.25qt)
    • Dimensions: ⌀26cm (10.25in) x L43.2cm (17in) x H5.1cm (2in)
    • Oven safe up to 260ºC (500ºF)
    • Dishwasher Friendly (hand washing recommended)
    • Always add a bit of low-smoke point oil or butter to the cool pan and let them heat up together before adding food
    • Cook over low to medium heat (avoid high heat!). The ceramic coating heats up fast and retains heat evenly (you'll still get crispy edges with low heat).
  • Use for stovetop or oven cooking.

    Great Jones - Care and Cleaning Guide

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Well crafted

Excellent, well crafted, aesthetically functional pan.

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