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HARIO Canister Coffee Mill

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    This traditional crank style hand grinder, from HARIO, uses ceramic burrs to grind coffee, and has a removable and sealable glass jar underneath to store your coffee. The bottom has a silicone cover to prevent slipping for easier grinding. Holds 120g of ground coffee.

    • SIZE: W208 x D105 x H215mm (W8.2 x D4.1 x H8.5in)
    • CAPACITY: Coffee Beans 120g (4.2oz)
    • WEIGHT (incl. individual box): Approx. 900g (32oz)
      • Glass bowl: Soda-lime glass
      • Body, Band, Latch, Handle, Shaft stopper, Stopper, Grind adjustment nut: Steel
      • Burr: Ceramic
      • Wooden part, Handle grip: Wood
      • Packing, Anti-slip cover: Silicone rubber
      • Lid, Washer: Polypropylene
      • Shaft, Locking screw: Stainless steel
      • Blade stopper: Nylon
      • Cork stopper: Cork
    • Parts made in Japan and China
  • HARIO Canister Coffee Mill - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ting G.
Beautiful but not the most practical

Love the look of the grinder and it is very quiet. However, the shape makes it awkward to hold in place while grinding, and make sure to add your coffee beans about 5-10g at a time or else the grinder might get jammed. I'm not sure if my grinder has a manufacturing error, but the glass jar does not seal properly (the lid doesn't form an airtight seal).

Beth M.
For intentional cups of coffee

A hand grinder is not for the faint of heart! If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to grind your coffee, this ain’t it! If you’re looking for an intentional addition to your already sacred morning coffee routine, this is the perfect thing. Changing the grind size is easy to figure out, finding the perfect size is a bit more difficult. Would definitely recommend.

Jennifer M.
Best Hand Grinder

Easy to use. Consistent grinding. Great tool for a great cup of coffee.

Joel M.
Small or Large pot

Love it! I have a 6 and 9 cup Pyrex percolator stove top coffee maker and one hopper fills the basket on the big one! No more grinder as alarm clock either!

Great hand grinder

This coffee grinder works very well and delivers a consistent fine grind. I use it with my chemex pour over. I like that the grinds are easy to keep fresh in the sealable jar. It looks good on the counter as well. The only drawback is that the grinding process is slower compared to other coffee grinders. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase.

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