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HARIO Fit Kettle (800ml/27oz) (Matte Black)

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    The HARIO Fit pourover kettle is focused on usability. The Fit is designed to fit your hand better than any other kettle and the spout is designed for an easier, more controlled pour. With a functional capacity of 800ml (27oz), it carried enough water for the biggest of coffee pourovers and, with it's sleek design, it'll look pretty good doing it.


    • Handle can be held two ways: with your thumb on the top of the handle, or wrapped around it.
    • Redesigned spout for even easier pouring.
    • Compatible with direct flame and both traditional and induction cooktops

    • Practical Capacity: 800ml
    • Full Capacity (to Rim): 1200ml
    • Compatible with all sources of heat except microwave or oven
    • Compatible with direct flame and both traditional and induction cooktops
  • HARIO Fit Kettle - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Major design flaw

Great looking kettle and appears to be high quality. However there is a major design flaw as the inside of the spout is actually powder coated / painted in black which is absolutely terrible and not food safe. It's common knowledge that artificial materials (i.e. plastic, paint, composites, etc) will leach chemicals when heated or in contact with hot / boiling water. Therefore the inside of any kettle or pot that comes in contact with boiling water should only be made of natural materials (i.e. stainless steel, glass, etc.) to ensure that no chemicals leech into your water. I am usually a huge fan of Hario products and ordered this item without a second thought but it turned out to be very disappointing and was sent back immediately for a refund. If you are looking for a similar kettle design I would recommend the Fellow Stagg which also comes in matte black but the key difference is the inside of the kettle including the spout is just stainless steel and not painted in black.

Nina P.
Harold Fit Kettle

This is the second one I have ordered. The slow pour is perfect. And when the water -starts- to boil, the lid begins to “click”. It is not recommended to pour boiling hot water over freshly ground beans. Ground by a Hario hand grinder. So just as the lid makes its sound, I remove the kettle from the burner, wait a minute and pour. Love the simplicity!


The only thing is to preheat the kettle before pouring in your brew water so as to not lose too much heat.

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