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HARIO Mini-Slim Plus Grinder

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    The perfect for travel HARIO Slim Hand Coffee Grinder has a new sibling. The Mini-Slim Plus is the transparent black version of the Slim, with a re-inforced grind shaft for an even more consistent grind.

    This is the smaller, lower capacity ceramic burr grinder from HARIO. Its thin, light construction and removable handle make it ideal for travel. The grind is fully adjustable via a locking nut on at the base of the burr (the bit that grinds the coffee), making it suitable for virtually any brew method, and coarseness is measured via clicks when turned.

    The burr set is kept more stable by a spring that sits on the shaft, leading to a more uniform grind.

    • SIZE: W150 x D72 x H220mm (W5.9 x D2.8 x H8.7in)
    • CAPACITY: 24g (0.85oz)
      • Washer, Hopper Shaft Cover, Pin, Grind Adjustment Nut: Nylon
      • Shaft, Screw Section, Spring, Handle: Stainless Steel
      • Outer Burr, Inner Burr: Ceramic
      • Cover, Bottle: Methacrylate Resin
      • Handle Grip, Center cap, Hopper: Polypropylene
    • Made in China
  • HARIO Mini-Slim Plus Grinder - User Manual

    Adjusting the Grind:

    1. Set the grind to required level by turning the nut on the bottom of the burr while holding the handle firmly in place
    2. Test the grind by grinding a few beans though. Adjust if necessary
    3. Weigh out desired amount of coffee beans
    4. Place into the hopper on the top and grind into the plastic grind container

    Disassembling the Burr section for washing:

    Be careful not to lose any parts!

    1. Turn the grind adjustment nut counterclockwise to remove it. Ensure the handle is attached while turning the grind adjustment nut!
    2. Remove the Inner and Outer burr
    3. If the burr is coated in coffee oil, soak it in diluted neutral detergent and then rinse and dry thoroughly before re-assembly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Matthew N.
Grinds coffee

I honestly don't understand the praise this model gets. Maybe I just got a bad unit, but it takes me several gruelling minutes to grind 30 grams and the result is very inconsistent with lots of fines and big chunks. I thought I just didn't like hand grinders, and then I got a Timemore C2 and it was a game changer. Takes less than a minute and gives a practically cafe-quality grind, with a smooth, easy cranking action that doesn't tire me out. I still use my Hario occasionally (I have it as a backup for when I forget to bring the Timemore back and forth, because it's still marginally better than a $20 electric grinder), but I'm here to replace it with a second Timemore and I'll be so happy to be rid of it.

Vraj P.

You get what you pay for. It grinds well, and there is minimum retention if you slap it bunch, bit I noticed some issues. First issue is the outer burr (the thing that's not the cone) sits ever so slightly loose. A quick fix is to wrap tape around it to cushion it in place. The second is the unevenness of the conical burr (blade part? the cone itself) leads to uneven grinding, and I'm left with some SUPER fine parts and other SUPER large bits. To fix this I ended up taping around the shaft connecting to the cone part of the burr set, so it sits in place in the housing. It's a bit hard to explain what I did, but I'm sure there are tutorials to fix these issues online. After these fixes my grind became more consistent and I haven't noticed anymore of the big chunks in my coffee bed.

TLDR: Some fixable issues persist, but good value for dollar imo.

Good for filter/cold brewing, would not recommend for espresso.

Great for the price

Easy to use, quite robust. Nice buy!

Great product

Great entry level grinder, worth it if you don't want to spend too much on equipment

Better than expected

Nice little grinder for a fair price. I'm glad I got this for my first hand grinder. I didn't want to spend too much in case I didn't like it but I actually enjoy using it! It's easy to use and clean and doesn't take up much space.

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