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HARIO My Drip Filter

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    The My Cafe Drip Filter is a pocket-sized all-in-one filter brewer. It conveniently fits over most mugs and insulated tumblers and is perfect for when you want to have a small amount of coffee (about 8oz) for an afternoon pick-me-up. With it's compact design, you can have a small stack of filters tucked away in your office desk, alongside some filter coffee (no judgment if it's pre-ground in this situation) and you're ready to make some delicious coffee! Whether you don't want to be weighed down by coffee gear for your short camping trip, or you want some emergency coffee for when you travel in case you can't make it to a cafe, the My Cafe Drip Filter is like a little Pocket Coffee Hero that will always be ready to serve!

    • 22 Pieces
    • Capacity: 8-12g of Coffee
    • Fits Mugs between 6.5 - 8cm
    • Dimensions: 80cm W x 80cm H
    • Polypropylene and Polyethylene Filter
    • Paper and Polyethylene Handles
    • Made in Japan
  • HARIO MDF-1 manual

    1. Turn on Kettle
    2. Fold out the Handles and Place Securely on Your Favourite Mug or Tumbler
    3. Measure Amount of Coffee to be Used (eg. 12g)
    4. Grind Coffee at a Courser Filter Setting (~25 clicks on Baratza Encore or Comandante C40 Nitro Blade
    5. Pour or Spoon Coffee into Filter and Gently Shake Filter to Make Bed Level
    6. Pour Hot Water Gently Over Coffee, Ensuring All Grounds Get Wet (~40g of Water)
    7. Let Coffee Bloom for 30-45 Seconds
    8. Continue to Pour Coffee Slowly and Gently (~200g of Total Water)
    9. Pause Pouring if Needed to Let Your Water Draw Down
    10. Carefully and Properly Discard Your Coffee Grounds and Filter
    11. Smell the Aromas of Your Freshly Brewed Coffee
    12. Savour Your First Sip! Hooray for Your Pocket Coffee Hero!
    • Make sure the handles are sitting securely on the cup. If they are not properly attached, the drip filter may lose its balance while the water is being poured, which may result in burns.
    • Pour the water slowly. Pouring too fast may cause the water or coffee to overflow, which may result in burns.
    • Take care not to spill the coffee when removing the drip filter from the cup after use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David C.
Perfect on the go

these are awesome little filters if you're looking for something to open up your brewing options on the run, on the trail, or even just in the office. They easily fit over your favourite mug, whether traditional or travel.

Perfect for hiking

Small one cup design is perfect for taking with you on hikes. Filter provides a great tasting brew.

Ordered by accident, but love them

I intended to order a different filter but accidentally got this one. It's so useful for single cups of coffee and the tabs keeping the filter in place work surprisingly well.

Bill Gordon
Hario addiction!

Thank You Eight Ounce Supply for working with me on shipping this small item but essential item from Canada to New York. I love all things Hario and these Drip Filters are perfect for making on the go, small pour overs. They're also a wonderful way to practice pouring mechanics and attention to detail.

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