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HARIO Replacement Metal Filter for Coffee Syphons

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    Get more body in your brewed coffee with this metal syphon filter. This is the stainless steel filter unit that comes with the HARIO NEXT Syphon but don't let that stop you from using it if you have a different HARIO syphon.

    Easier cleanup with just a rinse!

    • SIZE: ⌀59mm
    • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber
    • Fits HARIO syphons (TCA-2, TCA-3, TCA-5, MCA-5, NCA-3, NCA-5, KCA-2BU, KCA-3BU, KCA-5BU, DCA-3, DCA-5, NXA-5, SCA-5)
    • Made in Japan
  • Use in a compatible HARIO Syphon to brew better coffee with more body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very sturdy. Unexpectedly strong spring. About as good as I could ask for from a metal filter

Tom R.
Good filter

I have one of the old SY8 syphons and this is a good fit for it. Just noting the comments on grind falling through and I think it's the rubber gasket can be finicky. It fits well but a small amount of care in placement ensures a secure fit. Happy with the purchase, but that said I've used the cloth filter for years and they are not hard to maintain. A rinse after use seems fine.

Great filter

I bought the Hario Next which came with the stainless filter and it’s been great. So great that When my brother got the TCA syphon as a gift, I knew he would find it a hassle to keep and maintain the cloth filter that came with it, or having to get the paper filter type and having to reorder more regularly. So I bought this for him. The other reviewer here has stated that s/he noticed some grinds had fallen through and was unsure if it’s because it’s not compatible with the Original TCA-# line of siphons. As far as I know Hario has stated that they are compatible. I also sometimes notice grinds come through but sometimes not so I think it may have something to do with ensuring centre placement and a good deal, rather than say grind size or anything like that (I usually use between a drip and espresso setting). I grind with the Breville Dose Control Pro burr grinder and the Smart Coffee Guide website has a chart of recommended grind settings for different coffee making methods. For syphon it is 16-44.

Another filter by Diguo seems to be quite popular but this one is by Hario themselves and retails for cheaper.

filtering issue

I was excited to try out new stainless filter as it seems easy to clean (which it is), but for some reason it doesn't filter correctly. When brewing, some coffee falls down into the neck of the syphon. It says it fits all Hario syphons (Mine is tca-3) so I'm just confused, is it a defect?

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