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HARIO SIMPLY Glass Canister

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    Dry goods storage and identification is simple with this clear, heatproof glass canister from HARIO, featuring a beautiful olive wood lid that highlights simple, natural materials. Use it to store anything from coffee and tea to dried fruit.

    Part of the HARIO SIMPLY line of products.

    • SIZE: W102 x H136mm (W4 x H5.4in)
    • CAPACITY: Coffee grounds 200g (7oz)
    • WEIGHT (INCL. INDIVIDUAL BOX): Approx. 350g (12oz)
      • Lid: Olive wood
      • Packing: Silicone rubber
      • Glass container: Heatproof glass
    • Glass container made in Japan
    • Lid and packing made in China
  • HARIO SIMPLY Glass Canister - User Manual

    Use to store coffee beans, grounds or other dry goods.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve Bingham
a canister that gets compliments

It's rare that someone compliments one of my canisters and that's OK - I don't really expect it! I enjoy having and using them. But my girlfriend was at my place and, as she held the Hario canister, she said, "Beautiful jar." I'm not sure about the word 'jar' but I appreciate her good taste.

Landon S.
Sturdy container

I got this just to fit in my pantry but it looks so good I moved my coffee beans into it on the countertop. Great jar

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