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HARIO Skerton Pro Grinder

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    With a refined new look, added features, and even more comfortable to hold, HARIO has greatly improved the grinding process with this next generation Skerton grinder. Well suited to every grind style, the new Skerton Pro features an added hopper lid, easy 'male-female' handle attachment, and a grind adjustment knob at the bottom of the burr.

    • SIZE: W167 x D95 x H195mm (W6.6 x D3.7 x H7.7in)
    • CAPACITY: Coffee Beans 100g (3.5oz)
      • Handle: Aluminum
      • Cover: Methacrylate Resin
      • Lid, Grip, Main Body (Hopper): Polypropylene
      • Non-Slip Cover, Body Ring: Silicone rubber
      • Glass Bowl: Heatproof Glass
    • Grinder fits most mason jars
    • BPA free plastic
    • Glass Bowl Made in Japan
    • Mill (Main Body), Handle, Non-Slip Cover, Lid Made in China
  • HARIO Skerton Pro Grinder - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Hard to grind

It takes so much time and arm strength to grind with this, not sure I’m doing anything wrong? The outcome is good and consistent but it’s very difficult to use.

Collin W.
Not the right tool for French press.

Other reviews I read mentioned uniformity issues on the coarse setting but due to the popularity of this unit and large bean capacity I thought it would be an improvement over my rotary grinder. This isn’t the case and I regret not having purchased something higher end.
Otherwise compactness, construction and usability are quite good and I suppose I’ll try some other brewing methods to see why it can do. The coarsest setting is still not coarse enough for a French press and is uneven but dialing it down tighter does produce a more consistent grind. I’m not thrilled with the purchase but that’s on me. I think overall it seems like a nice grinder at a fraction that takes a fraction of the space an electric unit would have.

Deborah K.
Good grinder but...

This is a great entry level hand grinder, it works as it should and gives a great first exposure to grinding your own beans. Something to keep in mind, the burrs are no longer in production (at least not that I can find) so it has a limited life of about 2 years regular use before you have to either purchase a new one or look elsewhere. The Timemore C2 is a great upgrade option once you hit that point. Happy brewing!

Great grinder - consider what option fits you best

I've had this grinder for a couple weeks now. I went from using a cheap electric spinning/whirly blade grinder to this one. Moving to a burr grinder is a no brainer if you're a coffee enthusiast! Why didn't I make the leap to a burr grinder earlier? This is great for pour overs. A few points to note:

- This grinder is best used when placed on a countertop. If you're looking to grind while standing away from a table this isn't the best fit for you.
- It doesn't come with a small brush to clean out the grinds. My $20 electric grinder came with one but this one doesn't. Nothing a toothbrush can't fix though.
- Overall, I would recommend this grinder.

Ranjot B.
Great manual grinder!

Excellent grinder, I like the plastic bottom so it doesn't slip when grinding on a surface!

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