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HARIO Syphon Paper Filters and Filter Holder

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    This special spring filter assembly for use with all HARIO Syphons allows you to use paper filters instead of cloth, so you don't have to worry about odours or scrubbing but you still get a clean cup. This pack includes 50 filter papers.

    • Includes 50 paper filters and 1 paper filter specific spring filter mechanism
    • Made in Japan
  • Use paper filters instead of cloth with your HARIO Syphon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
great upgrade

I bought this to replace the plastic filter i had on an automatic bodum siphon machine. Initial i had the hario cloth filter but did not like having to wash the cloth all the time plus the old coffee smell. This paper filter is much better, very clean cup and coffee. metal parts and spring all nice and heavy so they seem durable.

Felipe S.
Can't go wrong

Well made little device, and the results are excellent.

Easier than cloth filter

Love this. Makes the syphon more approachable on a daily basis compared to when using the cloth filter. The paper filters make the cleaning so much easier and no need to disinfect the cloth filter anymore

Jonathan W.
Much better than the cloth filter for daily use

I drink a fair bit of coffee, 4-6 cups a day sometimes. My cloth filter went moldy within a month cos it wasn't able to fully dry most days. This paper filter assembly is way better for regular use; I don't notice much of a difference in flavour between paper and cloth filters. If you're using your syphon more than a few times a week this is a worthy add-on to the syphon.

Good alternative to cloth

The process of cleaning cloth filters was a bit of a process, so the paper filters are nice for days when I'm just not feeling it. Good value for sure!

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