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HARIO V60-02 Range Server (600ml/20oz)

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    If you want a great little server to go with your HARIO V60, then this is a gem. To keep the server sealed, it comes with a clear glass lid with a rubber seal to keep heat in and prevent spills, and it has a 600ml (20oz) capacity; enough to hold coffee warmly for 2 or 3 people.

    • SIZE: W145 x D121 x H120mm (W5.7 x D4.8 x H4.7in)
    • CAPACITY: 600ml (20oz) (2-5 cups)
    • WEIGHT (incl. individual box): Approx. 400g (14oz)
      • Glass Server, Glass Lid: Heatproof Glass
      • The Sealant Attached to the Glass Lid: Silicone Rubber
    • Made in Japan
  • Use to decant and serve delicious brewed coffee.

V60 carafe decanter large

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I love it

I needed a coffee server to pour over lots and drink through the day. There are a few on my list and I chose this Hario's. It's sturdy, has perfect capacity, has heatproof glass, and has a lid. Well, I liked other designs more tho.
Guess what, IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL when I see it in my hands. This is perfect. Even the lid looks much better than I expected.
It's a shame I can't upload all those real pictures for other consumers.
I'll recommend this coffee server to everyone!

Dina Ibrahim
So Cute and Practical!

I wanted something to transfer my drinks into and this is perfect! It's so cute and I love the lid. We used to put a saucer on a Turkish coffee pot but this such such an upgrade! Now I brew my Turkish coffee and transfer it into this server for the lid to keep it hot. It's also much easier to pour out of as well.

Great Carafe

I previously brewed coffee into a large metal travel mug and then struggled to pour it into separate cups without making a mess, so this carafe was a welcome addition to my pour over setup! It works well with my ceramic V60-02, is perfect for brewing coffee using 500 g of water, and pours well. It comes with a lid which is nice (I think to improve heat retention), though I haven’t used it much so can’t comment on its effectiveness.


Really loving the quirky design, it adds a nice dimension to my pour over experience and allows me to brew and keep warm 500ml for me and my partner or just me when I'm feeling freaky :)

Great on the wrist

A great coffee server and easy on the wrist when swirling/pouring coffee. Also keeps the heat quite nicely.

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